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  1. General Xterra
    Wife And I love camping out of the back of our X. Took a trip to the Olympic peninsula last weekend. We had a blast. Lots of rain but comfy in our ride. Also got a chance to do some spey fishing in the process 👍👍
  2. Events, Shows & Trail Runs
    NOTE: There is a previous thread about this event. We WERE going to hold it at the summit of Darland Mountain, near Yakima. That location has been CANCELLED. I have changed the title of that thread and made updates. (And hopefully the admins will delete the previous thread.) (For one thing, we...
  3. Mountain
    I'm planning to take a trip from Denver to Gunnison and then maybe down alittle farther into SW colorado to the ouray/ silverton/ telluride area. I've never been down there and wonder if anyone has any good tips for places to stop along the way. I would like to camp the first night or two...
  4. Mountain
    I'm planning on heading from Denver down to the turkey track shooting area tomorrow and then camping somewhere for the night down there. anyone wanna join is welcome, if you know of a good place to camp let me know, otherwise ill just find somewhere.
  5. Mountain
    Im looking for suggestions for trails to drive out to from Denver, preferably just a few hours, then do a mild off road trail, find a dispersed campsite for the night then come home the following day. Any ideas welcome.
  6. General Xterra
    I pretty much just put my smelly socks and clothes after hiking in the wetbox. I think I've also put a few empty beer cans up there too.... I am trying to brainstorm what else to use it for, not sure what I can put up there semi-long term since its exposed to the elements (I live in the NE)...
1-6 of 7 Results