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  1. General Xterra
    Hello first post I'm a first time owner of a xterra I didn't want to pay a the fabled 4runner tax im 16 and have been around cars most of my life but this was just shady the lady had several ads up each with a different story one was that it had no issues except for a service light and another...
  2. Powertrain & Driveline
    New here. Looking at a used 2009 X that had its transmission & radiator replaced by a previous owner after SMOD. Seller says they have the records to prove the replacement was done by a Nissan dealership. Assuming that's true, my question is if there's any other issues associated with having the...
  3. General Xterra
    Hey! I’m looking at this 2012 Pro X 4x4 and I noticed a fair amount of rust underneath. Carfax shows the car was well cared for by the one owner, but nothing about dealing with rust. It’s from Virginia and my best guess was snow and salt caused the excessive rust up front as the rest of the...
1-3 of 3 Results