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  1. Powertrain & Driveline
    2014 P4X, MT, 100k miles looking to install ARB front locker on stock setup. Looking ahead to 150-200k miles, what's worth replacing with things taken apart? Yes, I hear you: might as well Titan Swap m205 for all the reasons, but instead I would like to hear about the preventative replacements...
  2. How-to's
    Hello, I just wanted to share how I installed a FreeSpirit Evolution RTT and ARB Awning on the factory roof rack. I couldn't find a whole lot of info and pics when I did my research, but turns out it was pretty easy to do. I've had the tent installed on the truck full-time for 4 months...
  3. Wanted Items
    I just got a 2015 pro4x and the first piece of gear I am looking for is an awning. Is anyone on here looking to sell their current awning to make room/$ for another upgrade? I'm located in the Colorado front range. Happy Trails!
  4. Exterior
    I've been scouring for an answer, but I'm either blind, stupid, or right in not seeing one. I'm in California, where we're stuck with a mandatory front license plate. Any of you running ARB's bull bar, how are y'all mounting your license plate up front? I'm open to any creative fab, as well...
  5. Exterior
    Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker. I purchased a 2011 Pro-4X AT back in June and have been busy doing some minor mods, but now I'm stepping up my game and installing the ADO Bilstein kit and a front bumper. After a ton of research, I've decided to go with the ARB bumper. I think I've...
  6. Exterior
    A while back I was shopping around for a new bumper and settled on ARB, I started doing research on what skid plates would work with this bumper I found a thread (here) saying that hefty fab. rad skid would work, after ordering up a skid, powder coating it, snapping a welded frame nut...
  7. Suspension & Steering
    Hey everyone, I have been using this site for help for a while now but, now I feel like I have to ask a stupid question. I have been working with Greg at PRG to set up my 2011 S with a better lift. I am replacing the UCA’s , coil over’s with a 1.5in spacer, and putting on ARB OME’s in the rear...
  8. General Xterra
    Anyone who runs an ARB Bumper on their 2nd gen know whats needed to get all the lights on the bumper rocking? The plug ups dont match factory settings and will I need anything else to avoid blowing fuses?
  9. Electrical
    OK guys I need some help. This is stressing me so I figured I'd ask for some advice here. **All of the lights in question have worked in the past and I have done nothing new to anything on my truck so I'm kinda stumped.** This issue is only with the lights in the bumper, all lights on the...
1-9 of 9 Results