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  1. Volts Day vs Night

    What is everyone volts durning the day and at night with head lights on? day 14.2-14.4 W/ headlights 12.3-13.1 seams like a big volt drop just for headlights to me. 2nd question. Would LED headlight conversion decrease headlight power usage ? I know this to be true with home lights.
  2. Need Help - Diagnosing 2005 Xterra S Charging System

    I am in desperate need of some help here fellow xterra owners. So I purchased my 05 Xterra S in July of 2019 and ended up having some issues in September. Brake light and battery light came on, car died. It restarted almost instantly and got me to autozone. Battery tested good and alternator had...
  3. Mean Green Alternator Voltage Setpoint

    Anyone with a Mean Green Alternator that has also disconnected their VVC device and tracked their voltage? Frequent lurker, infrequent poster. Looking for some people with experience with a Mean Green 200amp alternator. I'm most interested in the voltage output after a swap, especially if...