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  1. General Xterra
    A lot has happened & a lot has changed. Somehow, I am still here, and so are you. I often reminisce of the early 2ndGen days. Although Rugged Rocks started on older Nissans in 2006, the 2ndGen saga holds a special time in history. This forum was running rampant and could have easily been...
  2. 80325D8A-D965-4C2D-8492-F6F766F11F35.jpeg

    Kumho Road Venture MT71 265/75/16 1/2 Inch All Dogs Off Road spacer lift
  3. Suspension & Steering
    Has anyone used the ADO springs with a steel bumper? I'm about to install the expedition one front bumper that weighs about 100 lbs, radiator skid plates are 25 lbs and engine skid plates are about 40lbs. Im wondering if anyone has used the ADO springs with a steel bumper and skid plates and...
1-3 of 3 Results