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  1. Suspension & Steering
    I took the X in for a much needed alignment, only to be told that there was too much play in the tire rods and ball joints. The Xterra has a Titan swap, with non OE tie rods. It looks as though the original Xterra inner-tie rod was used, and some type of aftermarket outer. I can't see an...
  2. Wanted Items
    Anyone in the San Diego CA area that is selling a aftermarket front or rear or both bumpers for second gen X
  3. General Xterra
    I I'm evaluating buying this 2012 pro. What suspension is this? Better than stock? Same question for arms, and bumper below. Don't recognize. Also, I'm curious about the underside. It got anti corrosion coat immediately after initial purchase, buy tire rim and Muffler are rusted. Has been...
1-3 of 3 Results