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  1. For Sale
    The following Items are for sale: - Xterra 6MT transmission with clutch, flywheel, MC etc. $1000 -R180 Front diff geared @ 3.69 with axles $400 -m226 Rear diff geared at 3.69 with e locker $600 -Transfer Case $400 -Armada LE stock wheels $350 Everything located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada...
  2. JT-P4X's Xterra

    I bought this truck in late 2015. I've owned exclusively small MT cars in my life, so this is my first 4x4. The X replaced my '05 Mazda 3 that was taking a beating on mountain roads in CO. This truck was much more capable than I imagined, and it earned its nickname on the first 4wd trail I drove...
1-2 of 2 Results