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  1. Welcome Center
    Hey everyone, John from Northern Indiana, Michigan bred tho...however Go Irish!!!🍀Just wanted to say hi! Picked up a 2011 Pro-4x this summer, under 12k and under 90k miles. Last owner really just modded for looks, can't wait to put my spin on it. Working on the interior and drivetrain first...
  2. General Xterra
    Edited Post: Xterra's out here in CO sell very (VERY) quickly. I'm test driving two tonight, in hopes of grabbing one up by this time tomorrow, however I'm somewhat stuck and would like you guy's opinion. Xterra 1: 2011 Xterra Pro-4X Auto 133k mi Black, 2.5" Lift + other mods 2 owners, Cali +...
  3. Welcome Center
    Hey y’all, I am new from SLC, UT. I posted another in the mountain region group, so I will keep this short. Own a 2011 xterra S, looking to do quite a few improvements, cosmetic as well as structurally. Hope to learn even more about this awesome car! Thanks MJ
  4. For Sale
    $50 !!! Stock Radio in Like New condition. Took off to put in NAV, works perfectly. Need gone ASAP. Listed on Facebook.
1-4 of 4 Results