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Finally starting a build thread. Work has me tight for time, so I will list parts I have installed, sitting in the garage, and plans to buy once my job realizes how great I am and that I deserve a fat bonus. Pictures will come soon but don't hold your breath, as it's just a stock silver X with a leveling kit currently.

TBI = To be installed, meaning I own it but don't have time currently


  • Bilstein 5100s running 1.5 leveling (terrible ride quality, get a spacer and 4600s)
  • Adjustable Shackles, .5 or 1 inch currently? (can't remember)
  • 265/75/16 Falken WIldpeak AT3Ws
  • Stock S Rims
  • TBI - OME MD Leaf Springs
  • TBI - 2 Inch front spacer lift
  • Mevotech/SPC UCAs
  • Updated Transfercase seal (learned the old model was bad the hard way)
  • TBI - New R180 3.69 Gearing
  • TBI - Front Lokka (on order)
  • TBI - M226 Rear Axle 3.69 w/ e-locker
Engine Bay
  • Koyo Radiator
  • Sony AX3000
  • Yakima Weekend Warrior w/ extension
  • Morimoto upgrade LED Fog Lights
  • P&P IV Rock Sliders w/ Rustoleum bedliner
  • TBI - Heftyfabworks Rear Tire carrier (on order)
  • TBI - Heftyfabworks Radiator Skid
  • TBI - Heftyfabworks Engine Skid

The future purchases, may or may not be in this order
  • 2.5 extended travel radflos
  • Radflo Rear 2.0 w/ res (or bilstein 5165? not sure yet)
  • 295/75/16 BFG KO2s (or 285s.. welcoming criticism or debates on the 295 selection)
  • Procomp 7089 wheels
  • ARB Rear diff cover
  • 5 switch panel from a 2015 pro4x
  • More skiddies

Projects to be done
  • Fender pinch trim for the 295s
  • E-locker wiring (may God help me)
  • Paint all plastics w/ Rustoleum trim&bumper spray black
  • Rear axle diff breather extension
  • Cool LED Headlights?
  • say screw it and SAS the whole thing onto 40s and 4.88 gearing

I welcome all questions feedback in any form if you see something odd or that may conflict. Preferably before I buy it.
Oh, and maybe a better nickname for my car please.


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09/03/2021 update: Received and installed my heftyfabworks rear bumper! Overall I am happy with the bumper, although the locking mechanism leaves a little to be desired.

Overall a very nice bumper. They threw on my nasty old spare as a courtesy so now I have even more urgency to get new wheels and tires. I did also throw on my OME MD leafpsrings to support this and get a better ride. It even has a spot to mount a hi-jack built on, which is very cool.


Here shows my front bumper painted by yours truly (and my pals new 4runner we tested out). Threw in a red accent for fun that matches the red skids. This shot was taken in Ouray, right off the million-dollar highway. Now I just gotta finish the rest of the plastics.

Lastly, finally got my front and back radflos on order. Should expect those sometime in the winter most likely. Not really sure what to buy next, but we'll figure it out.