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Showcase cover image for roXterra 2015 - Lights and Electronics


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April 2020:
  • $5 Amazon lights (so $1 each), 3/4" LEDs, hard orange plastic going into rubber grommet, 3/4" holes in the air dam.
  • $5 each Oznium lights, 4 of the 11mm in the middle, and 4 of the 6mm in the side grill (1 shows in each) -- hard to fit the 11mm, not enough room, there was barely enough honeycomb backing for these, and they don't sit flush, except for the middle
  • $30 Oznium remote control 18" light bar (at least it's waterproof, not crazy about the infrared remote that stops working when lights heat up)
The 6mm are hard to show in the pictures or see during the day, so good choice with 11mm!

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June 2, 2020:
Lights added to the roXterra roofrack:
  • top row is a RGBW (Red Green Blue and White) LED strip. RGB is a single LED, and White is in between.
  • lower row is RGB LED strip...... without the gaps of the above
remote control can change colors and is radio frequency and about 50 yards range

18" LED bar in the hitch fairlead moved to show.... area still waiting for a winch one day
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June 10, 2020
Lights up top

  • Top left is master for all lights here
  • Blue below is a master just for the 2 light next to it, SPOT an Driving (Driving not connected... no lights yet)
  • To use Spot and Driving light buttons, both the blue switch to the left, and the red switch (will be blue when back in stock) in the picture below (by gear shifter) must be on -- that is so the I can quickly turn on/off those lights with oncoming traffic gone/coming
  • Roof Lights are for roof rack lights, LED strip about twice 10 ft
  • left from it - blue light (will be red, same style) is for top and grille markers (red matches closer the orange marker color)
  • red light below -- was inverter1 button until I decided to redo my passenger seat buttons....... now needs a different use
  • future......... left right side lights under the wet box?


June 17, 2020

My passenger seat button controls 2020.
On the left is the "allow light buttons" button. Quick off/on way to control multiple (spot/driving) lights to be quickly switched based on oncoming traffic

On the right is:
  • Master for all below (16mm)
  • Master (16mm) for the following 4 buttons below it: GPS, cell-signal-booster, power-inverter-1 (laptop, fridge) and power-inverter-2 (work computer)..... then last 2 are AUX and Fridge DC
All buttons are 19mm except for to the top ones, 16mm. All are Ulincos.
When you get them, you must get the proper pigtails like this: Ulincos NOT FIT U19D1, 19mm Pigtail, Wire Connector, Socket Plug for U19C1, U19C2 Push Button Switch (Pack of 2): Automotive
because you can damage (by heat or physically) the contacts/latching of the buttons
All the buttons are raised when off, level when on. And my choice was to have LED of the switch OFF when the power delivered is OFF.

The ones with power signal are crazy bright at night... I already replaced blue and green, red is out of stock at the moment.

The switch panel is thin plywood wrapped in carbon fiber car wrap (used on Xterra outside too)
When it brakes (because it's quite fragile) I will get a CNC plasma cut thinner than 14 gauge, paint it, than tape it to plywood like this, match holes, car wrap, and re-insert the lights

The light that is off and doesn't belong? Just plugging the hole that was a bad idea. The buttons don't have enough depth room to be present there in a line.
I like these lights! 16mm are small enough for up top or by the shifter, and 19mm feel nice, but for night time 16mm would be nicer so they are not so bright. But these are not bad at night, especially if I can push them down a bit more.

The thin plywood has pigtails and wires sticking in the back, then foam makes it not sink too deep, so the height adjustable.
Top lights can be all off (with a red button) if they get annoying on long drives (not used on the highway anyway).
And a towel could cover the seat buttons in worst case, but they are just pleasantly colorful so far!
The ones with power symbol (19mm, you can see the actual LEDs causing the light) are too annoying so they have to go. The top blue 16mm is not anything, but should be 16mm blue (once in stock) for consistency. This one is flush when off, and you push it in, all my other ones are raised when off, and pushed level (you're not sticking a finger into something)

the following is the retired buttons layout, from about 2007-2020
  • GPS up top
  • Markers top/front
  • USB phone charger for passenger
  • cell-signal booster
  • master for all of the above (turn off all, or turn on again whatever used to be on)
  • Aux
  • Inverter 1
  • Fridge
(not shown are 2 more buttons, since retired, one for SPOT top lights, awkward place by driver feet) and Inverter2 (awkward place by passenger feet)
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Pomido Rear View replacement.... or an ddition my case.
It comes with fancy rubber bands to put around the stock rear view mirror, but mine is just too nice to cover. Unavoidable glare on the right rear camera. It would take an expensive camera to make the glare look good.

The display is very nice, unless you get awesome sky colors already, in which case the real thing is nicer.

Link... was $200 - $25, $175 in Dec 2021

My experience:
PRO: Good product, works
PRO: Can be setup to look nice without being on top of old rearview mirror
PRO: Front camera can be relocated within 5 ft
PRO: that 5ft cable can be replaced with 20ft (ordered somehow from them), so that you can have 2 cameras within 20 ft of the display.

CON: You have to ask for a "free" GPS which comes by mail, IF, yes IF you have installed the product and like it. that felt a little annoying that they wanted to hear that. It took 2-3 days of single email per day to get to that point. What's your order number. Have you installed it. Do you like it (we don't want to send it to you if you're going to return the product)

CON: software needs updates, there are some annoying features, and it would be so easy to fix the software.

CON: hardware cables sticking upwards? 3 of them? This could be handled way nicer with a single cable, out of sight, and coming out of the back, a flat ribbon cable style or such. It's just very bulky looking as is.

Rear camera mount testing, under the blue tape, under the blue tape left of the windshield washer sprayer, needing to be this far to not get the washer in the picture.

Layout incorporating other electronics. New GPS mount is temporarily under the blue tape to test cable length, GPS signal strength.
Front view on the left, rear view on the right. Other options are Front view only, or Rear view only.
Wide cabling with red tape holders will be hidden too.

More info coming...
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Pormido 12" dash cam with dual cameras update after 10 days of owning it:

Great product. Now I want a second one for monitoring suspension, front low angle and roof (questionable cargo at high speeds sometimes)

It has recording, it has viewing while recording. It is dependable. It takes 256gb card. Higher maybe, I know I will try 512gb one of these days.

They don't have a long history, but the product is unique and customer support and company vision is a great one. They use Sony cameras. For a while Sony made the sensors for Canon professional cameras for photography (they still might, I don't know I switched to Sony professional cameras for photography).

There are firmware updates. I just updated.
If you're looking for a camera in your car, think about this one.
$175 at the moment for 2 cameras. Mounts over your rear view mirror (not my favorite) or potentially above it, or in my case, in between heater vents.

Camera quality: front one is better if we're picky (I am). Back one is more washed out during the day, but during dimmer light it's ok.

Use 1)
Can be used as "accident proof of events", or just trip recording. Turn it on, turn it off, while still viewing the screen.
If something runs across the road, even a deer 100ft away, it triggers the camera to "lock/mark" the clip, so it won't get deleted by a camera that records over previous clips.

Use 2)
backing up. Mine is mounted high, above hatch door, gives a better angle, higher, than stock Pro4X camera. The 2 cameras together are great offroad, so you don't hit a bush while watching out for a tree.

Use 3)
Trip memories

Lots of reviews on Amazon, this is not their first product, they have 3 similar ones, they sell parts and cameras separately too... I hope they keep at it because it's a great product.

Conclusion: Very capable product and I am difficult on products.
I bought a GoPro and a $70 imitation camera (which monitored my front suspension action), and neither can do what Pormido can. Constant viewing, constant recording (You can turn off recording). Records to micro SD card.