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Showcase cover image for roXterra 2015 - And that's a wrap!


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Carbon Fiber car wrap - Jan-March 2020:

Motivation - after getting touch up service on rock chips all around the car, 1 big one by rear driver door, rest near the floor level:

1) covering sand-blasted and dirt-blasted areas where the clear coat has been stripped, paint chipped -- wanting to cover and protect, and air seal to prevent rusting?
2) covering mud flap outline scratches, created during 4 years of scratching underneath of front mud flaps
3) offroad bumper - covering top horizontal surface for a 2-tone look and protecting the bumper from scratches, accidents....

It's been 20 sq feet of wrapping and re-dos so far, plus another 10 sq feet mostly on 2 bumpers

aligning with the plastic trim (looks better to me)

vs aligning with the clear bra underneath the wrap - not aligned with plastic trim

The back bumper wrap was influenced by the offroad bumper build. That bumper's design, changes, and trying to integrate the top plastic cover (which is curved) with that bumper (which is not)...
The plastic had a scratch line and it continued into the metal below. New plastic didn't help the metal look, but the carbon wrap did. Also straight surfaces are not hard to cover.

Inside wrap:
Sun brings out the carbon feel.

I stick that stuff to everything... and it doesn't want to fall off, so I should make better templates...
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Can it work on Plywood?

Guess: no
Educated guess from how the wrap behaved when being heated: no
Will it last a week? Probably

Material: plywood with a stain
Subject: toolbox permanently inside Xterra
Wrap size: 25" by 2 1/4", with another 1/2" around the corner
Experiment start: 2020-03-27 2pm MDT (Arizona)


native location of the box

After applying rubbing alcohol on the wood first, drying it, and applying the wrap, it sticks without any lifting.
When applying heat, air bubbles form and it lifts. Pushing it down makes it stick.

I haven't seen that massive of bubble forming with steel or plastic, which makes me think this will not last. It will last until you touch it the wrong way, or a week or 2 before it partially separates.
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This looks really incredibly good with red. Absolutely going on my list of possible appearance changes.

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I like the 2 tone look too. Maybe the strip should be complete along the bottom. With enough damage to the paint, maybe a wide 12 inch strip covering the whole rocker board. If I had big chunks of damage I would do it, but for now I just wanted to cover the worst areas.

I like looking at while driving!! The console cover around the stereo. When the sunlight hits it in the afternoon...

I got a 5ft by 1ft roll for $10.... used it... made mistakes.
Than another, then another...

You will get hang of it eventually, when you get advanced enough, you can even cover a side mirror, that looks really nice. I am there yet technically to do that kind of stretching (after heating it up with a heat gun) Heat gun will do better than hair dryer. As will extra hands. And gloves!!
Definitely extra hands when doing curves.