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BFG K02 and a flat tire

Viair 400p in use. Mounted in the wheel well behind the tire, blue switch turns it on (when engine is on).
This screw caused a slow leak, 35 down to 27 the first day. Inflated to 45psi that night, it was down to 24psi by the morning.
Inflated to 40psi I drove the first 20 miles with no tire pressure alert, but then it came on and after the following 5 miles I was down into 20s and when I stopped it was a fast audible leak.

During my 1 hour wait I had to run Viair about 5 times, getting down to 0 pressure at times
Turns out to be a self tapping screw, now with a highway grinded head. The washer must have shifted eventually to open up a big leak.

65k miles on these tires, I have never gone that far on a set (maybe 50k max), now down to tread depth of 6 (new is 12-13). Time to replace the tires.... with same ones.

I had these K02 tires for 2.5 years (since Feb 2019), 65k and they do well in fresh southwest snow and elsewhere too.

I rotated them every 5k but now it's been 20k miles that I haven't rotated them, almost daily highway driving this year, and no roughness either. I don't plan on skip regular rotation in the future, but somehow they were ok and wore evenly.