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Marker Lights - March 2020:

with lights off:

5 marker lights fit into 3/4 inch holes, connected in parallel together.
Twisted wire connection for 1-to-1 and 5 wires together inside of blue caps, twisted... makes the waterproofing grease to come out.... messy. Makes the double sided red tape not stick.
Double sided 3M tape holds the wires against the air dam face.
I use the double sided 3M tape McGyver style... for everything... phone case attachment knob, Xterra inside cable holders, outside wind-deflector holder, license plate hole cover...
Here I use 3M tape to firmly hold and insulate wires after twisting them, same for the 5-wire holding blue caps, then using just 1 side for holding it against the back of the air dam. And hold it, it will, permanently. If you haven't tried this tape, you should.

The marker lights are as high as possible

through Pro-4X stock 1 1/8" hole, using the stock rubber grommet which leads into a right angled thin tube...
continues through the driver's side pillar, under the steering wheel, under the center console, to my 2 switch panels next to the passenger seat.
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Weathertech window deflectors - March 2020

If you ever had these deflectors, you can't live without them. I had them on both Xterras since 2006 when I first saw them on a car in Boulder, Colorado.

After the surgery:
3M double sided tape is holding the rear deflector against the outside trim. Blue tape is just a temporary support while 3M bites. Hard. 3M Tape was too thick to use on driver's rear side in channel, as the deflectors are designed to do. That was fine on my 2007, but on my 2015 there is not enough room in the channel (especially in the fronts) and the motion of the windows is impeded by the foreign object in the tracks. The deflector follows the trim on the outside nicely, but on the right side in this picture, there is a 1/4 inch gap, which had to be filled with a piece of rubber trim from another car. Hopefully the 3M tape is able to do its magic and stick to it. Permanently.

The fronts had been holding strong since 2015. The back ones had the tape holding them from the outside since 2015 and finally it was time to update.

The only in channel one is now the right rear.

The alternative is buying Nissan glue-to-sheet-metal kind, which leads to bad news, if you ever have seen them break and take paint with them. Plus they don't cover as much as these ones from Weathertech cover.

And it worked, even though I wasn't confident about the gap filling rubber trim (from another Xterra) being able to have the 3M tape stick to it. The first minutes seemed like it wouldn't stick.

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2015 Xterra Pro-4X - Lava Red - October 10, 2015

On an October night in 2015, I was driving on a winding road in Wyoming. Turns and turns and 65mph speed limit, and suddenly there were horses all over the road. Right in front of me.
I could only see where the lights were pointing and suddenly there they were. Brakes maxed out. Not enough stopping distance. We made contact.


That will buff out. Maybe?
The battery was cracked open but car wanted to start. Hood crumbled as it's designed to do. I was fine, barely making contact with the visor.
Airbags haven't worked for the past 10K, the airbags light came on then and the dealer said it was a $1000 fix... replace... computer... something.
So I put a blackout tape over my airbag dash light... problem fixed.
The problems needing fixing have been growing since 200k, and this wasn't a must fix. Was it?

277k now
It was a Saturday when I woke up at the dealership after the night of the impact. I was towed there the night before. I talked to the insurance company. Who talked to the dealer.
Xterra was totaled.

Shocking to me, I was 1/4 of the way to my 1 million miles. It took 9 years.

Out with the old, in with the new. The red took a little getting used to (that day), but this was the last year Xterras were made and this was the end of that year.
1,000 miles from home.
I wanted black. I had the dealer make calls across the country for a black one.... Some hope, nothing final. Afternoon........ I pulled the trigger.


First time at 80mph I could tell the Hankook tires were a bad product. Too unstable, like a different car. Not enough traction. I had them taken off and I put my 10K old Wranglers on. Much better.
Stereo had to be pulled next. And alarm. Roofrack. Wind deflectors were stubbornly glued and wouldn't let go. Front pasenger one broken with the horse impact.

Red color grew on me. Lava Red.
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Shrockworks front bumper - arrived in October 2016
Since my first 2007 Xterra which I picked up on Dec 8, 2006 I have thought about a front bumper. But I wanted to keep the "stock geometry" which I enjoyed, and with a front bumper you need to change front suspension...

In October 2015, along came my Lava Red Pro 4X. Goodbye old 2007 friend. 277k happy miles.

It wasn't 3 weeks before my bumper made contact again. In Colorado. Just a gentle touch with a deer running from right to left across my path. No damage.
July 2016. A winding one lane road, immediate drop-off on the right, and rising cliff on the left. I had no chance to see the deer while following the left turning road. I looked forward while the deer came out of nowhere from the right, reached the road and crossed my path. There was no time to react.

Deer down. Bumper with a 1 inch crack throughout.
Insurance called. Then Shrockworks called. (Not the same day.)

Summer turned into fall and I was driving with my separated bumper

and then the bumper arrived.
And all was good. Eventually. The 500lb front coils felt wrong, very wrong. And a few days later they settled and my car felt great again. Better


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1) Front (October 2016) - to support 140lb Shrockworks front bumper
600lb Eibach Coilovers - 12.300.600S
Bilstein Shocks 24-187053
SPC Cam Bolts 87520

2) Rear (October 2019) - replace stock springs after 115k
ARB OME CS061R Leaf Packs
Bilstein 5160 external reservoir extended travel shocks

  • also replaced stock rear Diff cover which was tiny bit leaking, with red ARB
  • the spare tire and rim, always so un-attractively dusty, were finally power washed for the first time, and a barely fitting cover put on
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Stereo and electrical:

The stock stereo only stayed in a week, and the sound system and alarm came out of my 2007 and in here.

Garmin GPS bolted with self tapping screws into the center console and held on the other side with pieces of steel brackets. Under it is the cellphone boosting internal antenna.
2 USB Apple Lightning cables, ON with Main (red) power switch.
2 phone holders just below vents
Voltmeter showing 11.81 Volts. Not ON normally, only used to check how much I have depleted the battery when using electronics with engine off. When it gets to 10.5 Volts, the car probably won't start. Hence the need for a Jump Starter.

The subwoofer also came out of my 2007, it was custom built from Fiberglass layers in 2007. It is a hollow box with layers of fiberglass cloth dipped in liquid (took them a few days to layer, dry, repeat). Then it was covered with carpet material.

Power controls:
GPS, top Marker lights, passenger USB, cell phone booster (5 Watt Wilson amp)
Main power switch (for the above)
Fridge and aux power battery

External antenna for cell phone signal boosting.
On my 2007 it would stand up on top of the roof. Eventually it scratched the paint. Now it's on the fin of the roofrack. For best reception it should point up, but for best garage entry/exit it is better this way. No more garage entry slapping.
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Viar 400P mount and On/Off switch (while ignition is turned on) - April 2019

Viair 400P is mounted behind the right rear tire.
Viar metal mounting base had edges shaved, and was welded to the frame. Spray painted afterwards or the bare metal that was exposed to allow welding.
33% duty cycle with great flow of 2.54 CFM.
After use, just drive away, no need to wait for it to cool off before putting it away, as was needed when it was in a bag.

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Running the wires - March 28, 2020
Left upper "flex tubing" or "wire loom" hides cell phone booster (thin) and Garmin GPS(thick) wires
The rest is 4 charging cables still being organized - work in progress. Waiting for 1/8" flex tubing. 2 * Lightning cables and 2 * Micro USB cables.
This used to be a horrible mess of 6 wires coming side by side from the gap just above the carpet. A lot better after drilling these two 1/2" holes which merge - what was needed just to fit the big GPS logic board that was part of the cable.
On/Off for a 400W Power inverter.