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2005 X Off-road
Just picked up this relatively clean 2008 for a cheap daily and to explore Northern Utah/Idaho
Terry hauls the homies around town and up the mountain.
Gonna be my first modified, off-road vehicle
My attempt at using the quick fist. Not so good. Always double measure. The shovel can't be angled down, so I have to get a smaller one.
My other girlfriend, but 1st in my heart.
Sea Bass - 2012 Silver Pro-4x 6MT
Slowly but surely, getting there...
My Pro4x with 33inch RT tyres
Bette has new clutch, tranny, rear end and brakes. and front brakes
Dawn in Los Padres Forest / Big Sur
"Bus Killer" in Peru at ruins of Pachacamac settled in 200AD and destroyed later by Spanish
From when I bought my X to now:
Xterra at the mining claim. Many miles in the western sierras and central Nevada.
Got my X about a year ago. I’m Planning on having some fun learning how to work on it and making it my first off-road and adventure truck
My 2005 Off Road Xterra