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  1. MEET-N-GREET: Central Jersey

    Middle Atlantic
    i would be interested if this is still a thing. i live in howell Posted via Mobile Device
  2. PRG's New Ball Joint UCAs

    Suspension & Steering
    not at all. who else would dress up in captain America Masks and drive down steel bender like an *******.. :violent1:
  3. Roof Rack Rail needed BADLY!

    Middle Atlantic
    yeah man it's been busy. im going to get back into the community though. Things are calming down for me a bit. Still have the rig...and she runs like a top... :rockin:
  4. How-to: AC-Style 2" Body Lift - Thanks Rook

    nice write-up! and it's all good. Thanks for streamlining this. It's not a very hard install. Just takes some time. Definitely set a day aside for it with some friends and some beers.
  5. PRG's New Ball Joint UCAs

    Suspension & Steering
    Mine are also in need of replacement. I am going to jumping on a pair of these very soon. My ole rig is a tired girl and needs some TLC. These seem like a good start.
  6. Titan Swap and Lift Questions ?

    Suspension & Steering
    Just remember, with a titan swap and no BL you will probably have to cut the back of the fenders/wells a bit to fit the tires at full travel even on 33's. Not a big deal but it is something worth mentioning. I had to trim it a bit even with the TS 34's and a 2" bl. Now i'm on 35's and i had...
  7. Rook's Rig - K.H.A.O.S. - Rebuilt and Ready for Moab! - PBR

    Member's Xterra
    hey surf! We aren't sure yet but we are thinking another year or two. Just want to get things rolling smoothly with her career and then we are def going to start that process... lol As far as things go the Xterra is running well but i have a few things I want to do with it like put in a new...
  8. Off Road / Not-Off Road!

    Off Topic
    That's actually pretty sweet. lol :rockin: but im a sucker for white cars these days. ;)
  9. Rook's Rig - K.H.A.O.S. - Rebuilt and Ready for Moab! - PBR

    Member's Xterra
    hey guys quick uppdate.....still have th X. i've done a few thing to it but they are minimal. mostly keeping it in good running order. the house wife and life have all been keeping me busy but i plan on getting out to an offroad event soon again. Here is a pic of my new toy alongside my...
  10. Off Road / Not-Off Road!

    Off Topic
    Here's Mine..... ;) and i own both.
  11. Off Road / Not-Off Road!

    Off Topic makes me so happy this thread is still going many years after i started it. :)
  12. Off Road / Not-Off Road!

    Off Topic
    it makes me truly happy that this thing is going...hahaha :)
  13. Best Way to Seal Diff Cover?

    Powertrain & Driveline
    X2. I sealed mine at least two years ago and it's still fine. Try and clean the surface well and reapply carefully around the rear diff opening edges. Black RTV works very well when used correctly and its easier IMHO than lining up a preformed gasket.
  14. ECXC 2014 - Registration Open

    East Coast Xterra Challenge (ECXC) Forum
    yessir. :drink:
  15. Rook's Rig - K.H.A.O.S. - Rebuilt and Ready for Moab! - PBR

    Member's Xterra
    finally got back on...its been pretty crazy for me lately. just bought a house, got a new job and moved, and got married so i haven't really been sitting on forums as of late. haha. anyway im running custom shock mounts on the axle with 3-5" shocks to answer your question...obviously it...
  16. The Shocker Run 007 - February 22, 2014

    Events, Shows & Trail Runs
    Yes I will be working on this in the next day or so so keep your eyes open for it.
  17. SMOD Question ?

    General Xterra
    ^ It is on some VINs. It was on mine. I had mine replaced in 2009 and my rig WAS a 2007S. EDIT: while it is a recall program...they are only extending it to 72K... Get that sucker in quickly op! :)
  18. SMOD Question ?

    General Xterra
    the FSU is a recall item on certain model years IIRC which means it should be covered no matter the mileage. Again this depends on your VIN number which they will use to look up whether or not your vehicle is in need of the recall (or any others for that matter). In regard to the rad/trans...
  19. $60,000 Nissan Xterra

    General Xterra
    hahaha oh great......i can't wait. :)
  20. 2007 4x4 Losing Reverse...Options?

    Powertrain & Driveline
    It also has the potential to alleviate or even correct your slipping in reverse problem. Keeping the same ATF in the trans for the remainder of the life of the vehicle is not a viable solution for your current issue IMHO. Burnt fluid will only take you so far and then you will have to replace...
1-20 of 187 Results