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  1. *Help* with CB SWR Problem

    The RF ground from antenna mount to body is suspect. From the photo there appear to be at least four potential trouble spots. Each surface where parts join along the path from stud mount to body/frame needs to be sanded to bare metal to ensure a good RF ground - - the underside of the...
  2. LT vs P

    Brakes, Tires and Wheels
  3. FS: Factory GPS Dock with Garmin Nuvi 2460 GPS for 2005-06 Models

    For Sale
    To @Cooper99 : Funds sent by PayPal approx 12:35 pm DST 9/17/19. Shipping address sent by private message. Thanks!
  4. FS: Factory GPS Dock with Garmin Nuvi 2460 GPS for 2005-06 Models

    For Sale
    "Dibs" (for whatever that's worth). Private Message sent.
  5. After Market Catalytic Converters in California

    Powertrain & Driveline
    @LNXPenguin offers sound advice. California emissions techs are now required to visually inspect cats to ensure that they are OEM or have the proper CARB number if aftermarket. The days of being able to "hide" a non-compliant cat in California are over.
  6. Bug out Bags / Shelter in Place Kits / Emergency Survival Gear

    Off Topic
    Very sound advice. Last summer most of my neighborhood was engulfed in the Carr Fire with very little notice - I was given the evacuation order about 10 minutes before I saw the flames crest the hill behind my house. Fortunately, my primary offroad rig was packed for an upcoming weekend...
  7. FS: 5 x 2005 Xterra SE 4-spoke Wheels with 33" AT Tires

    For Sale
    What is the date code on the tires?
  8. FS: Patches / Air Filter

    For Sale
    This For Sale ad is now 10 months old. During those 10 months you have ignored at least one bona fide purchase offer from a forum member outside your local area willing to pay all shipping costs. All of these items would have sold months ago had you been willing to ship at the buyer's expense...
  9. FS: Stock Rear Bumper, Suspension Parts, etc.

    For Sale
    Original Post updated
  10. New tires for Nissan Xterra

    Brakes, Tires and Wheels
    The 315/75R16 size is sometimes called a "metric 35." That is the size I run on my jeep. It will not fit an Xterra without substantial suspension modifications and some judicious trimming of sheet metal. If the wheels have a lug pattern and backspacing for a jeep they will not fit your...
  11. FS: PRG Endlinks

    For Sale
    FS Forum rules require that a price be listed for each item. Please edit your post accordingly. Thank you, The Moderation Team
  12. CANX: Pro-4X Coils, Adjustable 5100 Bilstiens and Upper Control Arms

    For Sale
    This is a very old thread. It is now closed.
  13. Please Check my Winch Wiring Schematic

    Dual batteries have many advantages, powering 12v refrigerators and onboard welders being two. However, in the case of self-recovery winching an appropriately sized single battery is usually plenty if the charging system is in good shape. Most of us think that we will use our winches...
  14. Please Check my Winch Wiring Schematic

    I am old school and do not use relays in my winch wiring. Ever. All of my winches have been wired directly to the battery. Warn recommends the same. In-cab controls are very convenient but without knowing the specific winch I can't comment on your wiring schematic. There are...
  15. SOLD: Goodyear Duratracs 285/75R16

    For Sale
    What is the DOT date code on these tires?
  16. CANX : 265/75r16 BF Goodrich Rugged Trail A/T

    For Sale
    PM sent. Please respond ASAP.
  17. Aug 6, 2019 Moderator Update

    Staff's AutoGuide Forum Support
    Therein lies the problem. You can't make any promises about restoring editing capabilities to build threads; another VerticalScope staffer essentially told us to STFU. The result has been a mass exodus of contributing members. Way to go. Your company has destroyed a well established...
  18. Aug 6, 2019 Moderator Update

    Staff's AutoGuide Forum Support
    Cricket, The one thing that has upset members the most is the feature that times out post editing capability. We use "build threads" to detail modifications and improvements to our rigs and the first post of those build threads needs permanent editing capability to keep the build sheets up to...
  19. Aug 6, 2019 Moderator Update

    Staff's AutoGuide Forum Support
    I cannot recall more than a few inappropriate or insensitive photos posted on this forum, and those were promptly dealt with by the Administrator and/or a Moderator. This is a fix in search of a problem. I agree with @Old Navy, site ownership has ignored valid concerns of the members here and...
  20. Need to Edit Posts from Old System

    Community Help
    It is my understanding from the webmaster of another forum that uses XenForo that time cutoffs for edits and many of the other issues being reported by NewX users (like round avatars) can be controlled and easily adjusted by the owner of the forum. To @AGAdmin: Are we experiencing a lack of...
1-20 of 159 Results