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  1. 2007 Off Road Codes U1000 U1001, Never had SMOD

    I late August started having my VDC and ABS show up intermittently upon startup. Typically a quick restart would clear the lights and they never appeared after startup while running. Amazingly the truck didn't heal itself and within 2 weeks it was happening at nearly ever startup and could not...
  2. FS: 18 Hole Steelies (5); $250obo

    For Sale
    Shipping to 85750?
  3. FYI: Possible ShrockWorks Group Buy Being Organized on Facebook

    I just bombard it with disinformation.
  4. FS Titan LCAs and Titan/R180 CV Axles; Arizona

    For Sale
    Do you still have these?
  5. P0340! Camshaft Position Sensor Took a Crap!

    Powertrain & Driveline
    As if the truck knew I was planning a 500 mile road trip this weekend the truck threw this code last night. I just got done changing the passenger bank sensor and allow me to say **** that sensor, **** that clip, **** sharp stamped brackets, **** electrical **** on the back of the engine, and...
  6. XAB 8 Year Bumper - Update

    Xterra Projects
    Original thread: XAB Bumper Build Recently I began to notice a bit of a shimey and the bumper wasn't feeling quite as solid as it should. Time to investigate. My original plan called for large bent supports to attach to the bottom of the frame (Red parts): By the time I actually got the...
  7. Trip ODO Knob Broken, Is it Repairable?

    Get a Shimano Cable Housing junction ferrule housing. The ferrule just fits over the stalk, but does require the clear plastic to be opened just a bit. I hand turned a drill bit to just slightly open the hole in the clear plastic. I used a dab of clear silicone in either side of the ferrule...
  8. 2006 Xterra Front Hubs Locked in 4x4

    Powertrain & Driveline
    The hubs do not unlock. If the TC is in 2wd then the front axle is disconnected and that is how it is supposed to work.
  9. Alcan Owners Question ?

    Suspension & Steering
    My Alcan thread. Mine were spec'd for 4 adult passengers, rear tire carrier bumper and 500# of gear at 2.5" of lift. They are mounted to factory shackles and I had to use a 3deg shim. I've had them for almost 9 years and 85k+ miles. I've taken them all over the SW US and I'm not afraid to load...
  10. SOLD: Radflo 2.0 Ext Travel 3" Lift Coilovers

    For Sale
    I am having a set of these re-built right now at ADS Racing Shocks - Off Road Racing Suspension because they are local to me. They have had no problems getting parts from radflo and getting this done. It is $89 + parts per shock.
  11. Transfer Case Actuation without Computers

    Powertrain & Driveline
    So you are gonna Energize the the TC via the safety toggle and then engage the rotation to select the drive mode via a momentary switch without any feedback from the TC other than 3 LED lights that you will watch? That sounds like a bad idea. The duplicate indicators are mode controlling and...
  12. Stuck in 4wd, Actuator?

    Powertrain & Driveline
    I've had numerous run-ins with being stuck in 4hi. It has always come down to the relays under the hood. If you are swap the transfer shift hi and transfer shift low relays and see if you can get out of 4 hi. If so then just get some new bosch relays at a parts store and put them in. I have...
  13. WTB: OEM Shocks and Coils to Use while my Radflos get Rebuilt

    Wanted Items
    I've got a few months. Keep in mind that I can get generic ass ghetto **** for $190 (new) shipped from amazon. When I was on there was a set of fuel injectors that floated around for shipping that allowed us to get injectors cleaned and serviced. I'm kinda looking for that deal...
  14. WTB: OEM Shocks and Coils to Use while my Radflos get Rebuilt

    Wanted Items
    IT's time to have my radflo shocks and coils serviced and I need something to hold my X up while that happens. Age and condition don't matter toooooo much, but it will need to be safe.
  15. Photos of How SMOD Happens

    Powertrain & Driveline
    Cause I'm just now at 85K and my extended warranty ran out this month and life doesn't like to give me free time.
  16. Photos of How SMOD Happens

    Powertrain & Driveline
    My '07 is at 85k and I decided to change my radiator as a bit of preventative maint. Before this I did all the proper maintenance at both 30k and 60k. I had switched to S-Matic at 30k and used S-Matic compatible Castrol synthetic at 60K. Both my transmission and radiator fluid were in very good...
  17. Mercedes Sprinter Lemon

    Off Topic
    I've heard the best thing about owning a sprinter is you get to drive all of the MB loaner vehicles. Which sucks, cause on paper a 4wd diesel sprinter wold be awesome.
  18. Roof Holes

    That won't be water tight. You will still need to seal it somehow.
  19. Xterra TDI Swap!

    Xterra Projects
    The 4wd sys uses the ABS sys to verify that the axles are actually in the 4wd mode indicated by the rotary switch and TC control module. Once anything funky is detected the whole sys is shut down and you get the 4wd light. I've had problems with mine since new so I've had to look into how it all...
  20. Expedition Overland: Central America

    Road Trips
    I'd recognize that ih8mud avatar anywhere, welcome aboard Kurt. I had a beat to hell 62 and was fairly active on mud a few years ago.
1-20 of 477 Results