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  1. New Boots for the X

    Brakes, Tires and Wheels
    After much internal debate, I finally put new tires on the Xterra. Ended up going with the Goodyear Duratracs. I have them on my ranch truck and love them. Figured they would do a great job on the X too. Considering this thing had tiny street tires on it when I bought is finally...
  2. Battery Review - Walmart appears to Win?????

    The Walmart Everstart consistently rank very high. I use them exclusively and they are very good, Just put one in my X today.
  3. Removed factory Side Steps

    Not too worried about ripping off the mudflaps on a rock...not many big rocks where I go offroad. Mostly nasty mud.
  4. Removed factory Side Steps

    So...I removed the factory side steps today. Second mod besides adding the pioneer head unit. Next will be tires. I like the way it looks without the factory steps, but I broke off one of the studs in the process. Evidently the nut was seized and I just twisted off the whole stud instead of...
  5. Need a Plug and Play Head Unit / Radio replacement - Help?

    General Xterra
    Order a radio from Crutchfield and pay them a few bucks to prewire the adapter. I did that and all works great. Plug and play. Connecting wires is pretty easy, I just have a hard time finding time to do stuff like that these days!
  6. Backup Camera / System for Xterra ?

    General Xterra
    I got a simple wireless system that actually displays on my phone screen. I really like it!
  7. Pro-4X Seat Covers

    Anyone know where one might be able to buy Nissan factory Pro-4X seat covers for the Xterra? I have a 2011 S model, but I really like the pattern on the "Offroad' and "Pro-4X" seats. My seat covers are starting to get a bit worn, so just thought I could replace with another factory cover.
  8. [MBR]CANX: 2010 Nissan Xterra w/ Upgrades - [Loc: Austin, TX]

    Used Xterra Market Classifieds
    Dang, wish you would have put this up for sale a few months ago before I bought the one I did.
  9. Fog Lights Options / Faded Front Bumper

    General Xterra
    For you bumper, adding some type of oil back into the plastic will bring back the finish. Basically, the plastic is "drying" out. I use "Back to Black" on mine and it lasts for a decent amount of time. Basically, whenever I wash the truck, it gets a new coat. Some have simply used pam or...
  10. New Head Unit Issue

    Yep, bad wiring harness. Plugged in the new one and all is good. They need better quality control on these things.
  11. New Head Unit Issue

    All connections looked and felt tight. That is why I was wondering if anyone else has run into issues with the wiring in the wiring harness not exactly matching up with Xterra wiring. Crutchfield thinks it may be the radio, but they are sending a new wiring harness as well. Bummer if a brand...
  12. New Head Unit Issue

    I just installed a new pioneer head unit in my 2011 Xterra and everything works great, but no sound out of the right side speakers. Front or rear! Ordered from Crutchfield with a prewired harness. Anyone ever run into issues with Crutchfield wiring harnesses? Wonder if the new radio is bad.
  13. FS: 5 x 2005 Xterra SE 4-spoke Rims with 33" AT Tires - PRICE DROP to $425

    For Sale
    Not interested in the wheels and tires, but I am curious where you got the fender flares and the winch mount? New to the Xterra world and really like the setup you have.
  14. LT vs P

    Brakes, Tires and Wheels
    One other thing to thing about. Most of the LT tires do not have mileage warranties, but I believe all of the P tires do. Depends on how important that is to you.
  15. Car Scanner

    Gear & Equipment
    BLUEDRIVER! Great for the price! QUOTE=Beardedattack;4304012]Hey guys, So I work on trucks quite a bit, I have an xterra, my wife, my dad, his best friend etc... We all want to chip in to get a good car diagnostic tool that can read and reset codes as these $20.00 OBDII modules arent doing...
  16. Roof Storage Box won't Open

    Not locked If the roof box is locked, I don't know how it is locked. The handle looks stock (no key hole), but it acts like it is locked. Won't budge but a little bit in either direction. I bought it used, so I don't know if there is a trick to this thing or not. Might just have to cut off...
  17. New to Xterras

    Welcome Center
    Sorry guys. Added pictures!
  18. New to Xterras

    Welcome Center
    I just bought my first Xterra. A 2011 S model with 4wd. Looking forward to starting the mods to make it my own.
  19. Roof Storage Box won't Open

    I just bought a 2011 Xterra S 4wd. I love it, but found that I can't open the roof storage box. The handle just won't turn. Anyone else run into this? If so, how you fix the problem? Thanks! Also, anyone know where to find a license lamp cover? My Xterra is missing one.
1-19 of 19 Results