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  • ZheKing ·
    Nope not on NICO. Only and but haven't been active on the forums in awhile. they are so catty and act so old school it's ridiculous.

    But yep, going for it on the slicky. about to swap to 1300 top feed injectors with E85, and that should put me there.

    Did you do a compression test yourself on it to confirm the PO findings? I've found that sadly, a lot of Z32 owners are dumb asses. It's sad.

    I think when I tear down to the injectors I'm going to just keep going and tear down to the bottom end and replace piston rings and all the seals and junk. I was having an issue with excess crank case pressure (with new PCV valves) so I figure I might as well while i have it torn down.
    ZheKing ·
    awesome bro. Love the Z32. It's the best. What year is your TT? I actually have 2, my slicktop TT i converted and my 2+ 2 i'm getting ready to sell. I just picked up a ALH Golf and 4 cars is just too many for 1 dude.

    I've done 2 other Z32 TT swaps for other people and i'm looking to break the stock turbo/stock internals HP record soon (if i can!)
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