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  • hfunkhouser ·
    The trash pickup is a great event. You don't have to boat. There are agencies that donate beer, a bonfire, food, and prizes. Many people hike the river, walk the roads, or ride the trails to pick up trash. It's a bit of a friendly competition to see who can find the oddest/biggest stuff or most tires in a canoe. I've done it for years now, and it's a warm up for a lot of folks who race or only see each other at that the race now-a-days now that we've all grown up and moved away. The race is fun, my friends and I consistently place first among Buffalo paddlers, the people in Wenonah boats ALWAYS come in ahead of the Buffalo's due to racing design, but during high water they tend to tip so we can get ahead of them when the water is big. My wife and I got 1st in mixed tandem one year, and my son and I got 1st overall in his last year of eligibility a couple years ago. Of course he's a hulk and we were up against little kids mainly, wasn't exactly fair.
    hfunkhouser ·
    It will be a while before I can get my X up and running. I've got to do the LCA/UCA's on it, I smashed it into a ditch :(
    As far as the Mulberry area, I will be there for the trash pickup at Turner Bend and the Canoe race the weekend following. I believe that is the first and second weeks of March. Hopefully I'll have her driving straight by then.
    gus ·
    Yes sir, and I plan on being there again in April. The blue X has been sold and I'm in a green one now though. Interior LEDs I ordered from you last year are awesome by the way, thanks!
    Allshookup ·
    I was wondering if you are still using the 5% resistors or 1% resistors? Is there a benefit to one over the other?

    Airmapper ·
    Thanks for the heads up. It's like Google changes the URL after so long, I can do it again and it will stick for a while.
    ZobiWan ·
    OK, all good to go ... you were right. Once I replaced the blown fuse, it was good to go. Odd that Nissan calls their fuse "ROOM LAMP", not exactly intuitive.
    zipties ·
    I use all the time, but I don't think I've joined. The z32 technical section of NICO is ridiculous, there's a dude on there whose life mission is to correct everyone. lol

    I did compression and leakdown tests confirming the leaky exhaust valves and scoped it, they're just barely staying open.

    Yea, I could tell the PO didn't know a whole lot about inner workings of motors and stuff. He had a shop rebuild it for ~450whp but they obviously didn't do something right, and he was saying "probably just the lifters are stuck" you know the odds of both lifters on the same cylinder, same side being stuck at the same time?
    I was also told "rear main seal is leaking" I found out quick that its probably the oil pan. It's missing a few bolts but instead of staggering the missing bolts around the pan, they left them all missing on the rear corner and its leaking from there. :violent1:
    So yea, I'm going to go through it and just make sure that there are no other surprises.
    zipties ·
    I had a 92 na 5spd for a few years then sold it, and regretted it ever since. The one I've got now is a 93 that I'm preparing to pull the motor and do a semi-rebuild. The previous owner rebuilt it, but after initial startup got 0 compression on #5 and washed his hands of it. From what I've found from digging around in there, both exhaust valves aren't closing completely so I'm assuming they got tapped and bent (the CAS was so loose I could spin it).
    You're trying to break that record with your slicky? Are you on NICO?
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