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  • F.E.A.R.36 ·
    Hey I saw a picture of your X and I was wondering how you mounted your off-road lights on your bumper brace under the grill. what mount did you use? I was also wondering what kind of lights you used under there as well?
    TN4x4Xterra ·
    Shoot me a PM if its easier to discuss the mounts instead of plastering each other's wall. No biggie if your dad can't make another set. Just thought I'd ask :)
    TN4x4Xterra ·
    Just two mounts for my own use. I liked how you mounted your round lights to the grille and I don't have the vice nor work bench for it so thought I'd ask.
    TN4x4Xterra ·
    Think you might be able to make a set of those front mounts for lights to the bumper brace? I don't have a vice nor a work bench and don't have easy access to one. If so, I'd gladly pay for shipping even though you're in Canada. LMK
    Frogger ·
    Hi Wasabi,

    I was admiring your X and noticed you have the nisstec lift on it. I've actually gotten the same lift on my 2012 Pro-4x and had a quick question for ya. Have you experienced any front shock top out on your coilovers? I talked to the guys at nisstec and they said it was normal. Just wondering if you've experienced the same thing.

    Thanks for the help
    TN4x4Xterra ·
    Gotcha, glad I asked because someone on the thread said I only needed ballasts to just upgrade to 55ws if I chose to do so. I assume the harness will be fine or will that need replacing as just get a complete 55w kit instead?
    TN4x4Xterra ·
    This may seem like a dumb question but if I wanted to upgrade to 55w from 35w...all I have to do is buy new 55w ballasts...the bulbs will remain the same, right? Or do I have to get a new bulbs rated for 55w?
    TN4x4Xterra ·
    I don't have HIDs....not yet anyways. That's why I wanted to know which HIDs you are running because I've seen your pics and they seem bright which is what I want for mine because my stock headlights are pure crap at night....what HIDs are you running? I will order that harness but would like to know what HIDs you are running?
    TN4x4Xterra ·
    I see the adapter you are referring basically that is just a plug and play type of thing, huh? Do you know where I can find that harness that you had that is just a complete plug and play?
    TN4x4Xterra ·
    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "You only require to use 1 side plug in from the vehicle for both HID bulbs with harness"...what side plug are you talking about? And what harness/HID kit did you go with? I'd like to keep my stock housing so that's a plus to hear that you got to keep yours.
    TN4x4Xterra ·
    Wasabi - Just a question about the complicated is it to do HIDs with your headlight harness? Does it require splicing at all or is it just simply plug n play type of thing? And for the headlights, did you go with the ebay projectors or did you use your stock headlight housings?
    madpup21 ·
    What HID kit did you buy and how long did it take to install? Any regrets? I was thinking about buying a 55W for the fog lights, but may end up using them for a headlight conversion instead. Thanks for any info you can provide!
    gwos25 ·
    Hi Max,
    We found out about a month ago. She's just a little of 3 months now :) We're keeping the Xterra so Im looking forward to getting in a good off-road trip in the fall, hopefully with an overnight camp.
    MTBXjunkie ·
    hey brah im so sorry about not hitting you back. I never got back with you about your question i honestly didnt even know it was on my message board or i would have hit you back asap. check out my build page in my sig nothing serious but the bumper u asked about. i just panited the factory bumper with Krylon BUMPER COATING from advance suto in black. rusto bed lined the step cap and it came out OUTSTANDING. again any other questions or anything hit me in a PM so i know i have a message lol
    Julionix ·
    Thank you Wasabi!
    Basically, I got all the plastics painted white/blue.
    In order to save some money, I worked out a deal with the shop and all they had to do was the paintjob.....I did all the labour (take everything off and put it back on)....and should anything start peeling, it is now under warranty - unless ofcourse its self-inflicted by off-roading or something :)
    I appreciate Knight Armor, it is a nice colour!!
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