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  • bkspecial ·
    Hello - I've seen your name in the forums under air filter discussions and it appears you might be able to set me up with a preferred customer account with Amsoil. Is that something you're willing and able to do? I very much appreciate your time either way. Thanks!
    davidnuxoll ·
    I saw on the message boards you are the contact for AMSOIL products and that their may be a discount for forum members? Is that the case? I'm looking to switch to synthetic oil and possibly try the EA104 EA air filter. I currently have an oiled KN OE replacement and HATE the hassle of cleaning and reoiling. Do you have any dyno results for it? How does power/throttle response with this filter opposed to others?

    I was hoping you could help me out. I want change out all my oils. 06 X Off-Road MT. Please let me know
    mtlXterra ·
    hi, i wanted to order an oil filter for '05 xterra, but the one listed for our trucks is not available, EA013, did the part number change?
    ruff cobb ·
    Hello from Ruff Cobb, just joined the forum & searching for a filter for a 2010X, I've been advised a Amsoil EAA104 will fit. Can you confirm & sell? Thanks, Ruff Cobb
    mtlXterra ·
    hey! just to let you know i'm interested in ordering some AMSOIL products for my xterra, I wanted to know if you deliver to Montreal. Canada. and how do I go about ordering from you?
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