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  • Funkxterra ·

    I just placed an order with P&P engineering for the same style sliders (w/power coat) as I didn't want to drill into frame long did it take for you to receive email that the shipped ?

    ScurvyX ·
    I would like the following 4 Vertical V2 switches in Blue:

    CH4x4-XT52BLLB - Front Bumper LED (Please verify - hard to read CH4x4 Id)
    CH4x4-XT52REAL5 - Rear Lights #5 (Please verify - hard to read CH4x4 Id)
    Front Locker

    Please let me know amount and your PayPal handle so that I can get you paid and get them ordered. Since you have an in, is there anyway you can ask them to expedite so that I can get them before goneMoab. I'd like to have them before I leave on the 18th. If I can get them, Moab may be a good place to show them off to get more orders.....
    fishermanof93 ·
    sorry for the late reply. I mounted it directly too the air damn by taking it off drilling holes and put it on. I also got some wedge washers so that I could get the angle of the bar down to where I needed it. as far as the noise it was awful at first but I took some silicon and put it on to cover the ridges on top and bottom of bar and the first heat sink slice. I haven't had any problems with over heating or noise since.
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