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  • ZheKing ·
    What process did you use to make the center console 12v outlet constant? jump the fuse with another constant fuse or what?
    Surf and Snow ·
    285/75R16 GY Duratracs with a 3" SL. I also have a 2" BL though it's not necessary for running 33's. Search around the site a bit, there are lots of threads to help you out. Good Luck.
    YoukerJ ·
    SI noticed in a pic you have ProComp 7089's. What size tire are you running and what lift/mods did you have to do to get it to fit in the front?
    Surf and Snow ·
    I did have them on stock wheels for a while. I was running 40 PSI (just a personal preference and good chalk testing). Sounds like they weren't balanced right or threw a wheel weight.
    meanGREENnugget ·
    Hey surf and snow I was just wandering if you ever ran 285-75r16 Duratracs on stock wheels, and if so what psi did you have them set to for normal driving? I just put a set on my stock wheels and am having vibrations at 65-70, mine are set at 35 all the way around. I am not sure if it is a balance issue, bad tire or if tire pressure is too high. Thanks.
    Surf and Snow ·
    Mine is a beefy utility trailer. I made it mostly for homeowner duty like hauling large items or dirt/gravel. Plus going up into the forest for firewood or extended camping trips. I spent about $900 on it plus sweat equity. That Manley ORV in is base utility trailer form costs $6000 plus the cost to get it to you (the shipping alone probably cost almost as much as my whole trailer) That's one of the reasons I built it myself. If you can weld and don't mind putting in some hours in the garage its way cheaper.
    TrailBreaker ·
    I noticed you build your own offroad trailer. I find this very interested and have a similar dream. Any reason why you didn't buy a pre-built one such as Manley ORV or Schutt's VX-1? feel free to PM me if its easier, Thanks Ben
    Radar ·
    Hey man,
    I'm from PDX but live in SoCal now. Planning on moving back to the NW in a year or so. Wondering how your PRG UCAs have been holding up to the elements in that neck of the woods. I'm thinking of PRG, SPC, or TC UCAs. Have you found any issues with the exposed ball joint and the bearings given the amount of moisture up there?
    Thanks for the input.
    BowKill12 ·
    Hey Surf, I just got my x a couple weeks ago and am new to the different kinds of lifts and I've been looking at yours and your build and I really like yours cause its a cleaner look but still highly functional and I'm just trying to figure out what I want as for a lift and all that. I'm thinking 2" spacers from PRG in the front and then adjustable shackles in the rear. Is it necessary to add a leaf? I see that its an option but wondering if its worth the extra cash. This be enough for decent trails? I'm not a big rock climber but want to tackle as many trails as I can. Thanks for any info you can give me!
    Tuggernuts ·
    Hey I live in Puyallup, WA and I just bought a 2012 night armor X. I was just wondering, how much lift did you put on you rig? Where did you get the kit?
    Surf and Snow ·
    Way to much for me to type it all (id rant for pages). Long story short, every order I've ever placed with them I asked Jim one thing... to just be straight up honest about wait times and production schedules. Every time was just month after month after month of pure B.S. and flat out lies. Promises were made several times that were broken, more lies followed, and the cavalier attitude that they maintain along they lines of their not giving a flying F-word about their paying customers is just unacceptable. I'm done with them. I'll spend my money somewhere else, with someone who values honesty and where a mans word actually means something to stick by.
    Xterra1102 ·
    Yep, I finally found another LEO job. I'm working for a much smaller city than where I was before but it's great. I appreciate the thanks, and I will continue to do what I can to help anyone with their audio needs. Take care, man.
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