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  • Rook ·
    I would love to however I may be going up to the M&G in New England. Possibly. I will let you know by this weekend if you would still like to go. :)
    santims ·
    your PM box is full....was wondering if you were up for going on a wheeling trip nov 12 or 13 at stokes....will buy you a few rounds for leading the way on my first trip offroad.
    slimjim1 ·
    just wondering what size d shape shackles fit inside the fixtures on the rear tire carrier, i saw you had some, thanks again man
    dirtyjerseyjohnny ·
    hahaha no problem whatever you want brotha. Like I said its no rush, because wiring is just one click on this laundry list that this things needs, theres no need done by date. If you can the 7th thats good, as well as the 20-21st but its no problem if you cant. Let me know how it looks, I'll work it all out man, thanks a lot
    Rook ·
    no prob dude...only problem is I am super busy the next few weekends...I MAY be able to meet up aug 7th (sunday) but i don't know yet. the weekend after is shot..i have to work all weekend...After that things calm down. When do you need this done by? i could prob get down there the weekend of the 20th-21st to help out...and I don't like 30 packs of light case of sam adams would suffice...hahahahaha I' m aristocratic...hahaha
    dirtyjerseyjohnny ·
    Yo man, me and my bud may need some real help on out samurai regarding electrical stuff...the WHOLE vehicle. A 30 pack will be thrown your way :) no rush about it either
    Rook ·
    hey man..i was in the area...but I was running a little later and had to get back. I will be there again soon...and we are all going to taco tuesday in deptford with almost the entire NJ/Philly Xterra crew. you should meet us there. :) if not then I will let you know when I am down there next. I go down there often. Sorry it didn't work out. I'm sure we'll catch each other soon. :)
    ChefXterra ·
    hey rook. are you still going to to Atlantic City today? i sent you a text, but not sure if thats a cell or what... but
    Rook ·
    lol!!! hahaha...i would say about 10-12" wide..i could take some measurements if you like next time i am home.
    ThePlasticOne ·
    Hey Rook! K.H.A.O.S. has inspired me to do a big ol' horsepower stripe on my own roof fairing. I'm going to buy some vinyl to do mine wide is the stripe on yours? It looks juuuust right.

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