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  • Mpaddrik ·
    Just wondering (suggesting(hoping)) if you were going to be doing any sort of contest for the upcoming Million post mark ?

    Thanks !
    Xterror ·
    Hey Rook, I didn't want to post or ask this in the forum but do you know what happened to Boyd? That's such a shock.

    Rook ·
    nice dude. you probably did see me. lol Sorry I didn't recognize you. You should get involved in some local events sometime soon. we go wheeling a lot in PA. check out teh regional subforum.
    crosado918 ·
    Think i saw you the other day over by Andover. My X isnt anything special so probably didnt stick out.... besides the blacked out front end
    markye412 ·
    Sweet, I got a good deal on craigslist for a the AC 2" body lift. Im planning on putting it on around the end of May. A short cut style DIY would kick so much ass. If you cant put it together by then its okay. You can just shoot me a pm with what steps I can totally skip.
    markye412 ·
    Hey man, Im going to be doing my BL soon and I will be following your DIY guide. What steps can be skipped? I heard you have a done a bunch now so you know whats up.
    I will be having my friend that is pretty handy under the hood help me. We want to be able to do it under 8 hours. Please if you can PM me which steps I can bypass.
    John Dirt ·
    im installing my spacers and shackels with my padre today, i hope i dont run into problems, i red the howtos 3 times lol, if we finish earlie might climb at njrg or maybe at gv chattam if climbing there.
    John Dirt ·
    im off tomorrow, gunna try to install the used basic lift kit i bought from pete, and prolly swing by gv chattam, u climber bro?
    mjhuberjr ·
    Defiantly let me know anytime you go out, I'm new to the off-road scene and still waiting on some parts for my truck, but defiantly want to get out there!
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