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  • Rusk1e ·
    Hey Ripper,

    My name's Dmitriy and I saw your Raingler Net. Is it still available?
    From what I've researched, it should fit a dephep rack. What's the shipping like to San Francisco, and how should I pay ya?
    Ripper ·
    Didnt Have any kind of damage what so ever. Downtown was a mess though. I go down there at about 515 and ended up helping with Triage at a couple of places and then moved to Main St in West Springfield and did triage at a church there. It was insane though. Completely sureal. Glad you guys are ok.
    WMass1230 ·
    How did you hold up after that storm man? We got clocked in Westfield, but it wasn't in my neighborhood. A few of my friends that live near shaker are buried with major home damage. Springfield and Monson got hit like a mother****er. Hope you didn't get hit in your area My friend in Feeding Hills had trees down all in his yard. crazy ass storm.
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