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  • mw383 ·

    big fan of your posts. thanks for your write-ups.

    thinking of doing same Xoskel Lo Pro lightbar w/ Hella FF75s as yourself.

    questions: are you still using the same setup? thinking of maybe putting Hella 550s in middle and flanking w/ 75s for more of a central spot but can't seem to find enough info if lights are too similar. any thoughts on that? and finally: you drilled through roof right? thinking of going down windshield strip. yeah or nay?

    thanks in advance

    nogdog21 ·

    Thanks so much for the quick response and great info, one more question though if I could. Will it be safe for me to put the ballasts for the lights in the wetbox of a 2002 xterra (not having a lid) or should I find another place to put them.
    Spencerswahoos ·
    Hey Rev, tried to pm a response to you regarding my switches but your inbox is full. Pos 8 is + for upper light, Pos 2 is + for lower light and switch. You can pm me so that I don't clog up your visitor page with all of this.

    Jason S.
    cway ·
    Hi Rev,
    I am new to this site - and came across some of your pics.
    I saw the cool looking blue lights on the floorboard. How can I get those?
    I've been unable to locate some running board lights (that light up the steps when the door opens). I have seen too many girlfriends of mine almost fall out the door at night. :)
    I'd also like to increase the HP w/o voiding factory warranty - I have a Nismo cat-back exhaust & cold-air intake system installed at by Nissan, which has increased the HP a bit - but I would like some more HP.
    I also wish I knew someone in the San Antonio area that does this kind of work on Xterra's.

    Any suggestions?
    Dapir8 ·
    Destination M/T's in 285/75r16 installed this afternoon. My melt mods popped out...again. I just got it home so I will have to melt mod tomorrow. So far only rub at full turn and low speed.

    Though they are E Load, they ride only a little stiffer than my BFG ATKO's which were D Load. Noise is not a problem. BTW, I was told the D Load is being discontinued. Were they being truthful?

    I am definitely in love with the quality of these tires and they look GREAT. I will post pics soon. Thanks for the advice.
    Dapir8 ·
    I too have some floor mats-carpeted, new never used, heavy rubber-slightly used. If all else fails, make me an offer. I was looking for $50

    Both are gray in color
    Dapir8 ·
    Yo Rev,
    I have an open appointment for next weekend to install Firestone Desti MT's. I am looking to go 285/75r/16. It was between these and BFG KM2's in a 255 size. Since you are one of the more vocal on the Desti subject.

    I am wondering if now after this amount of time has passed, do you have any issues thus far?...treadwear, cupping, etc? Everybody is pushing the KM2's but I have always liked the look and design of the Desti's, quieter than usual M/T and longer than usual treadwear....not quite A/T...just better than most.

    Given the situation, knowing what you know now, would you choose the Desti's over the BFG KM2 again? Prices are near equal.

    Thanks for any and all help and testimonial experience you can offer.

    DaPir* (Brett)
    JBurt09 ·
    Hey I saw your post about having the K&N intake installed.I am having a tough time deciding between K&N and Volatn, and was just wondering which K&N intake you got and what your experience with it is so far.Thanks
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