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  • 13ADVX ·
    I'm looking for rear headliner hooks and a front dome/map light. Quote + shipping to 17319 please. thank you
    midnight0045 ·

    I'm looking for a 2005 - early '06 license plate lamp assembly for my 11/05 built X. Can't find the part anywhere, nissan no longer makes it, and I don't have any 2005's in my local pull your part junkyards. Can you help me find a set? I think at a minimum all I would need are the plastic lens clips that clip into the bumper, although a complete set would work too. I'm in Nashville, TN

    26510EA000 is the retired part number
    BarefootXterra ·

    I'm looking for an original lower fan shroud for a 2006 xterra. Apparently, Nissan updated the lower shroud so if I order a new one, it supposedly will not fit properly with my original upper shroud. Trying to avoid having to replace the top one. Thanks.
    chsmith313 ·
    I just picked up an 08 Xterra S with only 73K, but it's missing the jack and tools under the rear seat. After doing a search I saw that you come across these from salvage Xterras. Any chance you have a set currently, and if so, what would be price with shipping to zip 29464 in SC? Thanks, Chris
    ekesz13 ·
    Hey Ramness, I was told to ask you about a rear cupholder (used OEM). I have a 2005 Off Road with the Blue/Charcoal interior. I would rather put a used OEM in it then a aftermarket or brand new one. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
    DennisL ·
    Could you contact me about the rear view mirrors and heated steering wheel switches you have or use to for sale.


    Chris Loose ·
    I was curious about getting one of the temp mirror ones. Is it hard to install and are there any things I would need to know about prior to getting it installed?

    My zip is 22182.


    I left the X for an Armada, but wanted to see if you could keep an eye out for a thumbwheel for my roof rack cross bars. I have a 2010 Armada. It is the gray locking bolt that keeps the cross bar in place. There should be four per Armada, but alas, I only have three.

    The pick-n-pull near me has zero Armadas.
    louith ·
    Hey Ramness,

    Ive been trying to PM you but its no longer working for me since i dont have enough posts. lol. Looking for the 5 switch housing for the lower dash

    68245-ZL45C (This is the the lower Finisher)
    25412-ZL45A (This is the switch Carrier)
    Pudge4990 ·
    hello I heard you are the salvage expert. I am looking for the button blanks for an 06 xterra. I need 6 to 10 of them. Im planning on putting usb ports on them hence why i need so many. thanks!
    ScurvyX ·
    Hi Ramness,

    I have a X model, and I just scored a Hefty front bumper with factory fogs, but I don't have the the light stalk (on the steering column, don't know what they are actually called so have had no luck searching) with the fog switch. Any chance you've got one? Or can you tell me what they are actually called so I can search?

    -Thom aka ScurvyX
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