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  • Raingler ·
    I've done a number of units for Gobi and other manufacturers, do you have the dimensions that you'd like the net to be and strap(extension) length?
    C3po ·
    I need a net for my Gobi Ranger Roof Rack.

    Needs to be big enough for a bunch of bulky camping gear to be added and the cover my spare tire, ratchet straps will hold it down, but I need something to cover the whole sha-bang.

    have anything?

    what do you recommend?
    hfactor23x ·
    don't know how often you check this but placed an order tonite then after reading some of the forums i wanted to add to it and make some changes. sent an email but wanna cover all bases before it gets shipped out
    kbcmn ·
    Hi,I am thinking of ordering a large ceiling net and 2 roof grab handles from you..any possiblilty of a small discount for that?
    And a couple of questions - 1)can part of the large net be disconnected to the smaller size when one doesn't need the full size sometimes?
    2)There was a thread on here where you were going to re-design the ceiling net to have 'quick' disconnects for easier loading,is this how they are now?

    Thanks for your time,
    Eddie in Canada
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