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  • AdventureRider81 ·
    Hello Old Navy,

    Can you please reopen the For sale post created for the FourTreks mounts last night? I am unable to contact buyer through PM and would like to post info there.

    Thank you,

    Grog the Canuck ·
    Hello Old Navy,

    Its probably not this is important but I have a complete Nissan Xterra Service Manual put into an indexed PDFformat and contains every minute detail of assessing, repairing and maintaining a 2nd generation Xterra inside and out. If you think this would be of any use to owners here, let me know how to post it so people can download their own copies of it and use it electronically or print out the sections they need as they need to. Its free of course.

    Best of the day.
    Grog the Canuck
    green monster ·
    Howdy, Old Navy. I have a 2012 Pro4-X that needs a front winch bumper. I was browsing through the gallery and noticed yours. What brand is it and how do you like it? Thanks.
    The_Limey ·
    Hey there,

    I just finished this How-to, but it seems like the YouTube videos I wanted to embed aren't working.

    How-to link

    Any idea where I'm going wrong? They keep producing a playback error and are making the thread really glitchy. Thanks in advance.

    unixmandt ·
    Question, who do you have as the moderator for the Mountain region forum? If you still have N.Y.X. he is out of the scene now. Has sold his Xterra and can't be found anywhere.
    hamden ·
    I just wanted to check with one of the administrators. I don't know if you can make a decision about me posting a "group buy" for a UPR catch can. I've been in contact with UPR. They will offer us forum members a discount if there are 10 or more members interested. Please let me know.
    unixmandt ·
    Hi, I'm the treasurer for NORAC (Nissan Off Road Association of Colorado) and we were wondering if there was any way to setup a private forum just for our paid members?
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