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  • Old Navy ·
    Your won in Sept 2014 and your old subscription expired on 12/12/2014, so one year was added to your expiration date, which extended it to 12/12/2015. If I just started a new one, it would have ended on 10/15/2015.
    ColoradoXJ ·
    M205 still available? I gotta start accumulating parts for this swap... Could probably just have you drop it at Nisstec.
    TadtheSmith ·
    This dude... Let me tell you about this dude. Lol. He had a set of wheels for sale in Denver, I wanted to buy in Oklahoma. I was gonna be passing through Denver in a week so we set everything up and I paid him a week in advance via paypal. Coulda been sketchy right? Well this guy communicates with me the whole week and we get everything set up for me to pick em up on Thursday. So Thursday comes and oh crap, he has meetings all day and I only have a 30 minute windo to get them and keep on headed into the Rockies. So between meetings, he jumps on his skateboard and meets me at his rig, we load up the wheels, talk tech for a minute and he heads back to work and I go on my way. Outstanding sale and outstanding guy. Thanks a lot Chris. Your a man among men.
    NoMadX ·
    what is the price your asking for it all , I have been looking into a titan swap for some time thanks !
    N.Y.X. ·
    Those things are freaking sweet!!! But IDK how many would be in the market for one. Currently I have a lot on my plate to take on another GB but I will definitely keep it in mind!!
    Nex ·
    fantastic image in July TOTM..I get it,,but I think some people miss it and don't see the message. Again, very nice!
    capo9786 ·
    Thanks, I wont be in till midnight of 14th, trying to go to the suspension build the 15th but dont know seeing we will be staying with friends an what not, cant wait for the Springs!!!!!
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