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  • BlackbirdSR71 ·

    I'm thinking the vibrations from the new leaf springs - at the 30-40 MPH mark - has become officially old now- and want to install some shims.

    Can I also get a flip kit for the u-bolts in there at the same time? I don't even think I need to undo the shocks?
    I cant think of any reason not to just install them both at the same time... do you?
    Whaddya think?


    BlackbirdSR71 ·
    Mr Bo Jangles!
    Hope your trip is going well.

    I'm thinking of replacing my muffler on my Xterra. When you swapped out yours for the FlowMaster 40 Muffler -
    is this requiring cutting of the exhaust pipe w/ a grinder , and welding in the new Flowmaster 40 muffler...
    or are these installed beefy pipe metal clamps that cinch up everything together ?

    I'm also over here plotting my next mod upgrade. AKA Sliders
    And by that, I mean saving $$.


    Hamman ·
    Hey man, well...haha possibly. I love my X but... When we lived in Phoenix we had a legit enclosed cargo trailer and room to park it for our business and dirt bikes. But here at our new house, we don't have as much space and we have an uphill drive way thats a royal pain in the ass. I really want to get a cargo van, either a E350, Nissan NV, etc.. as our new company vehicle. So posted the X up to see what bites I may get. It is in pretty decent shape for 11 years old. If it was 4x4 I'd keep it and suck it up with a trailer... Have only had a few people interested. I may be asking way too much.
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