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  • kryter ·
    one more bumper for you to make was just at gone and your craftmanship is above and beyond let me know ty Brian (kryter)
    BlackbirdSR71 ·
    Hey maXterra,

    I got rear ended yesterday coming home from I'm thinking of a rear bumper.

    I have heard you manufacture : bumper which includes the rear receiver, has the swing arm, hi-lift mount, and CB Antenna tab. The license plate light is an LED model

    Can you send me a price quote ?

    Hows the lead times look for something like this?

    Please and thank you

    flytwa78 ·
    Good day. I read a lot of good things about the products you push out. I was wondering if there is a website or a place where we can see what you have and prices. Thanks.
    Gsakamoto ·

    I've seen many pictures on this forum of your bumpers and wanted to inquire if you still fab items for xterras. I have a 2006 Xterra with a shrockworks rear bumper w/tire carrier, and would like a gas canister holder to mount to the swing arm. There is a licence plate holder that may be in the way, and the bumper has connection points for a a hi-lift.

    marksmatter ·
    Dave - I had ordered a bumper from you many moons back, and had to cancel due to an unforeseen hiccup with my wife's business. The grace you exhibited then has not been forgotten - at the time, it was greatly appreciated. Would you mind sending me your current offerings and pricing for a 2012 Xterra?


    Ssanders224 ·
    Hi there,

    I'm finally getting around to building my X out, and it sounds like you are the go-to for a rear bumper/tire carrier.
    Questions are:
    What is the price/options on a rear tire carrier?
    Lead time?
    Finish options? (I'm hoping it can match a black Hefty aluminum front bumper?)

    I'm adding 2.5" lift 400lb Alcans to the rear, so hopefully thats plenty to support the bumper?

    Thanks for the info.
    scottyd9 ·
    Is it true you have a rear bumper kit you sell thats not welded yet? A member said you do. That or blue prints would be helpful too! I would appreciate the help
    timkarp ·
    Still selling rear bumpers? I have a 2010 Xterra and im looking for a new rear bumper with shackles and no tire carrier. Thank you for any information you have.
    Trexx ·
    Hey any possibility you have a picture of how you did your pop pin on your rear bumber, Im going to be adding one and would like to see if I should place it on the swing out itself.

    SalmonBob ·
    I just bought a 2015 Xterra and am interested in on of your non-tire carrier rear bumpers with LED backup lights if you have them. I'd be looking for powder-coated. Are you still selling them? I'm going to be away for a few weeks but back in town the end of this month. I live in Hagerstown MD. Thanks.
    scottyd9 ·
    Hey your bumpers you've been putting out. I was looking to get a black one with two shackles, tire carrier and plate mount. Curious as to how much that would cost and if you knew off hand the shipping for Baltimore, MD that would be helpful too.

    Didn't necessarily want a hitch receiver since I already spent the cash on buying one and installing it with a power connector. Not sure if that would take the price down or not. Also wondering how much more it would make it with a hi lift mount as well.

    Would appreciate any help! Thanks, Max!
    Rimrocker ·
    Do you still sell bumpers? I was leaning towards shackle brackets but it would be nice to tow without dragging a hitch. I was thinking about the bumper with shackle points and receiver (without the tire carrier). If your still making the bumper could you let me know the cost, availability, etc?
    Thanks, Mark (Rimrocker)
    slightlywicked76 ·

    I shot you a message on Saturday regarding a bumper purchase. Wondering if you have designed one with a single jerry can holder yet? Thanks

    OKXterra ·
    I bought a rear bumper from you for our 07 X a few years ago, and while we still love it, I'm interested in "upgrading" to one of your bumpers with a tire carrier. So I guess my questions are, what is your current rate on bumpers with a spare tire carrier and what is the expected wait time. Thanks in advance, and so you know, compliments on the current silver-veined bumper are still a regular event.

    Scott Farris ·

    I'm interested in getting one of your Xterra rear bumpers (non tire carrier). The one shown below looks exactly like I'm shooting for. Recovery lugs - no shackles needed. Hitch with flat plate trailer chain hook ups. Trailer light plug, thru bumper face as shown set up for mounting stock female plug. LED license plate mount. Black powder coat. No hurry as I won't be able to install until Fall anyway.

    Shipping is to Windsor, CT 06095 for commercial loading dock. 06026 (East Granby) if home delivery is the same price.

    Thank you much!
    Scott Farris

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