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  • Svtgustang ·
    hey Julionix, im new to the site... youre the ONLY one ive seen on here that has actually color match painted the plastics. everybody else does the plastidip or bedline. let me tell you.... your rig looks badass! i have a 4x2, want to keep it mostly street with some light offroad like trails and such. i read the other convo with wasabi.... how much did the paint run you? im on a budget since im paying for my wedding next year. please let me know

    thanks man
    eternal_SiR ·
    thinking about getting a bullydog to brnig my MPG back up once i do my lift and bigger tires. How are you liking yours so far? Did you notice an increase in MPG? I'll be running 285/70/R18 Trail Grapplers E-rated.
    Wasabi ·
    WOW, so what you've done to your X. I'm wondering did you paint over the original plastic bumper or was it a aftermarket bumper? It looks really good.
    I really wanted to get the white X but I saw the ugly black bumper on white so never bother so I chose the knight armor but now saw what you done to your X made me 2nd guess myself.
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