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  • TurtleX ·
    Hey Jordan,

    Jon here, TurtleX from the Death Valley trip. When we were airing up you said, if I remember correctly, that you had the ARB CKMTA12 mounted in the rear storage compartment and a 5 gallon tank where the spare tire was. I recently purchased the ARB and am looking for options on install locations. I plan on getting a tank as well (maybe not 5 gallon). Don't suppose you did a write up on the install for the SoCal forum or somewhere else? Checked you build page but it's not mentioned. I like the idea of it in the back area as opposed to in front of the radiator like I've seen on some other threads. Questions,

    1. Does the unit get enough air flow to operate efficiently in the compartment or did you cut holes in bottom to extend the air filters to below near tank

    2. How are you dealing with the heat generated from the compressor? I'd think in the close plastic confines that would be an issue.

    Thanks in advance,
    Azar ·
    Hey bud, Are the Xterras down your way panning Anyang this year? I know TexasGrillChef was planning a run to Big Bend that I was going to tag along on. Wasn't sure if there was anything else near you or in NM that I should put on my radar and plan for? I hope to have my body armor on by May and ready to go. Thanks!
    07offroadx ·
    I messaged you on AZXC but I will do it here too. I don't log on much obviously but figured I would just give you my number so you could hit me up if you want. @480-707-3442. I'm not an 11 or 18 series but Im a mechanic with access to an off post shop if you want to do anything. Hope to hear from ya bud. -Chris
    LUCKY_X ·
    Hey man your rig is awesome! i seen some AK plates in your pics, and i thought that bridge looked familiar. Are you still up here? I havent seen any modded Xs yet, i just got up here in July.
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