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  • SpoX ·
    Hi, I made a post in the forum about my front diff drain plug and CroftonBilly suggested I PM you about it.

    Last time I changed the front diff oil I had trouble getting the drain plug out and wound up rounding off the hole for the allen wrench some. I replaced the plug but I would like to get a new one before I change the oil next time. I haven't been able to locate a part number and was wondering if you could help or suggest a suitable substitute.

    I have a 2015 P4X.

    YuraX ·
    I'm looking for a small part for 2018 Rogue. It's a USB/AUX connector for the radio. For some reason 2018 Rogue selection is not currently available at Nissan USA Parts website.
    It should be listed under BODY ELECTRICAL [E] -> AUDIO & VISUAL [280] -> JACK-AUDIO [28023]. Please let me know if you can look it up and what's the price.

    Allshookup ·
    Hello, I was wondering if you still sell the 2 inch body lift package? Also, does it include the bumper relocation brackets or are they available separately?

    Thanks for you time.
    coloxt ·
    I am looking for part number 24168ea800 e-locker wiring harness. I was told it has been discontinued. Is there another part number now or what do i do? I just purchased a m226 and i need this part for the locker. Do you have any recommendations or some super miracle you have it in stock.
    ozotron ·
    Hi !

    I'm looking to get a pack (4?) of the Oem in- channel floor tie down points.

    Is that something you guys carry in stock?

    leung19 ·
    Good morning, Can you give me the part number and pricing for IPDM

    My VIN number 5N1AN08W05C609881


    Also shipping cost to zip 40213
    bencreighton ·

    I was wondering if you might be able to help me find a camshaft position sensor connector? I damaged it pulling out the transmission in my 2004 manual 4wd Xterra.

    I've been to several junkyards and I can't find one.


    big_perm ·
    I can't seem to find a link to your online store.
    Looking to order a set of rear axle seals and bearings.
    zombie-terra ·
    ive got a 2011 xterra "x", I purchased aftermarket electric mirrors and factory switch, factory fog lights with aftermarket switch, the installer advised me they are unable to install either b/c the vehicle is not wired for the items, my questions are: 1. does it have the fog light wiring taped behind the bumper (meaning I wont need to buy a wiring harness for the fog lights) 2. is the "x" side mirrors prewired as well for electric mirrors (currently they are manual), if not, is there a way to wire electric mirrors for use with a factory mirror switch? also what clips do I need to install fog lights into the fog light hole
    ahambrick ·

    Will Nissan PN:26510-ZP30A fit a 2006 Xterra with VIN number 5N1AN08U06C533644? I'm told by my local Nissan dealer that I have to buy two of PN:26510-EA000 at $40.90 each, and they're not sure about that! I need to replace both lights due to being rear-ended.

    WNC ·
    Re: Camera Cover on '14 Pro-4X; I'm adding graphics to the rear hatch of my '14 Pro-4X. The job will be easier if the rearview camera cover (part#17 below) is off. Can you suggest how it's popped off? Thanks, WNC

    zerophi ·
    Please help, I have an '07 SE and I want to put in a block heater but I can't find the part number or any aftermarket ones either. I know the Canadian X guys have them stock so I know it's out there. Please send me a link and i'll buy it from you. Thanks, Chris
    C3po ·
    Hi Brian,

    Can you help with this?

    nutsert needed

    is this for the roof rack? and how much are they?

    TadtheSmith ·
    Brian, I was sent to talk to you by Li11X. Im trying to find a couple of things that didnt come with my 2011 X. First is the overhead dome/maplights. Like the entire assembly. all i have up there is roof liner. I even saw that some had a sunglasses holder. I didnt know what my options were but if you could help that would be great. Secondly if at all possible, i wanting to find a gps dock for it as well. If you can point me inthe right direction, that would be a huge help. thanks
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