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  • stefanimr ·

    I just returned from a week in the eastern sierra. Lots of long, slow (<10 mph), steep climbs and high trans temperatures. I read through your posts on temp measurements from several years ago. I also noticed you did a fan install on the stock cooler. Two questions:

    After the fan install, did you note an increase in trans temps, while climbing at high speed? I am concerned about reduced airflow, over the cooler, due to the front mounted fan.

    Did you collect any data on low speed trans temp drop, when the stock electric fan comes on? I am considering connecting the stock fan to a trans temp sensor to allow it to react to engine temp, AC, and trans temp.

    Thanks for any help you can provide. I am several hours away from anywhere I can collect any meaningful data. Most of my time offroad is spent in the desert at higher speed.

    I see that you live in ABQ. My parents live there too, I like it out there and try to get there often.

    ALLDAY ·
    Good Day jeff,

    I have been following some of your posts over the last few weeks, as I recently bought and 08 Xterra. Thank you for all the information you provide. It has been very helpful.

    Did you ever end up replacing your stock rad with the Koyorad a2807? I am looking for this now, and it is hard to find in Canada. I will probably fork out the extra money to have it shipped here. I spoke with the Nissan dealership and they gave me a part number for a rad that they are having a N. American company produce. Supposedly, it addresses the issue with the stock radiators. The part number is "b1d60-ea21jnw". Have you heard anything about this radiator that Nissan is recommending people to buy for 05-09 X?

    Any thoughts on if I should just stick with the Koyo vs. "Spectra CU2807" or "b1d60-ea21jnw".

    I would appreciate any input you could give me. Even if you don't find the time to reply, that's OK. You have provided me with enough information, via your posts, and I will probably end up going with the Koyo (approx. 300 Canadian after shipping, etc.)


    aaron544 ·
    Hi Jeff,
    You replied to a post regarding high oil pressure. I have an xterra with high oil pressure and i've checked the sensor and it is good. Reading 90 lbs at idle and 120 lbs at 3000 rpm. You mention in your reply that it could be the pressure regulator in the oil pump. I'm going to try that but was wondering if you had any additional info on this? Is it easy to check once I get the oil pan off? Could it be something else?
    Aaron Tamasy
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