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  • prodragon4x ·
    Hey Brandon?

    It's Jaret.....been chatting back and forth with you on Xterra Crew FB page. Wanted to touch base with you here so I can go through your build thread and see what I need to do to my X to get it close to your setup.
    legare ·
    So after trying the performance tune on my BD for a couple longer trips. Few hundred miles. I decided to return to stock to see if I could feel a major difference and gauge mpgs.

    As soon as I started the truck it was pinging like crazy and idling around 600. If I bumped the rpms up to 700 it was fine. Was fine diving but sitting at idle the rpms would drop and give that awful sound. Never close to sounding like it would stall just rattling internally. Put it back on performance tune no problem.

    Just something If this is similar to your experience. How am I supposed to return to stock if that willl cause engine damage? :/
    Jerseyparts ·
    That is the map light assembly, it is a complete part. Please Private message me with your vehicle specifics, so I can get you a price.
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