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  • hube01 ·
    Your work appears to be OUTSTANDING! Is it really that simple, unbolt the bumper and pop on the new one? I am going to hold off ordering the side steps and and order your sliders instead. I was wondering though, is it possible to add some form of anti-slip tape or paint on the top side?

    wraithen ·
    I just had a few questions about sliders. I will be getting some sometime this year but it won't be for a few months before I'm ready to order. Would it be possible to use square for the outer portion just like the rest of the sliders? I know tube isn't as strong and I'm a total newb so I'd rather be safer than sorrier.
    AlaskanX ·
    Hey chris, Im getting ready to install the bumper couple quick questions??
    1) Do i need to remove the ring mount on the existing fog light to flush mount it to your bumper hole?
    2)What are the 2 small grey angle pieces for??
    Ill be in and out this weekend thanks in advance.
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