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  • MrBoJangles_91 ·
    I feel ya. I frequently check CL for xterras and xterra parts. Plus I've seen it being posted on a few xterra facebook pages so hopefully best of luck! Great looking X minus the rwd lol thats all good though. Yeah Id love to see a AWD cargo van!
    Hamman ·
    Haha, ya man, that thing is SWEET!! Thats like exactly what we'd love, but don't quit have $50,000 laying around for that. If anything, I was going to get a good used E250/350, gut it, lift it put a rack on the roof and some lights along with a rear ladder and tire carrier. But then have it vinyl wrapped in our company logo. Its all tax deductible right? :)
    ScurvyX ·
    Albatross posted your craigslist ad and I was surprised. Van for bikes etc sounds cool. Have you seen the build on the Nissan 2500 4x4? Can't remember the show, but there have been posts on here:

    AlbatrossCafe ·
    Not sure what exactly the bike in my pic is... I can't make it out. Might be a 2-cylinder BMW or Honda with an extended swing-arm. It was one of the ones used in the newer "Mad Max: Fury Road" movie

    See link: Mad Max Fury Road Motorcycles ~ Return of the Cafe Racers
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