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  • Ricks10X ·
    Hey Grog, I'm new to this forum site and still figuring things out, but I saw something you wrote last Nov about a PDF version of a 2nd Gen service manual. Did you ever find a way to post that, or is that something you would be willing to email? That would be a really handy reference to have available.
    Grog the Canuck ·
    Well thanks anyway.
    I am just too new at this Internet thing and have no idea of how such sites work or the cost associated with them but I will blunder about and see what I can do - if you think a complete service manual is something needed here and not a thing everyone already has already.
    If you think it's worth pursuing and find a way of putting it here for any and all who need it, let me know.

    Best of the day to you,

    Grog the Canuck
    Old Navy ·
    Mmm... Not sure how to do it. It could be posted in some sort of file sharing site like dropbox and the link could be shared out to all or you could use google drive and upload it there and also share the link out to TNX Members.
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