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  • dixie1865 ·
    I had no problem communicating with him. I contacted him (PM) and arranged a time to go buy the bumper and met him at his place of business with no problem. He had the bumper stored in the original shipping packaging (he had never unpackaged it) at his family business. I had full intentions to buy it (cash with me) and we unboxed it together. Unfortunately, it was not the one with the winch plate. It is the design with the receiver in the front (shackle points to either side). That was not the version I was looking for and he was more than understanding. It would be perfect for someone looking to maybe use it for a snowplow hookup (his intentions) or if someone wanted to mount a winch in a cradle and use it front or rear of the vehicle.

    He addressed the comments about his previous communications and he explained it was due to his low post count etc... I would not hesitate to do business with him.

    If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask

    campisi ·
    I saw the post on the FS forum on the Rocky Mountain X front hitch receiver. The seller always seemed to be a little flaky (he's tried to sell that before). He says you went and saw the actual receiver .... "dixie1865 (btw, super nice guy!) came out and took a look at it; I had not opened the shipping crate since I bought it in 2015. Turns out that this bumper has a 2" receiver in place of the winch plate on the front, so long story short, this is still for sale:"
    Did you actually go see this thing and can you make any judgements on the reliability of the seller? I'd love to have this thing but I'm no where near Chicago to see for myself.
    Thanks for any help
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