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  • CoastalDefender ·
    Thanks for the offer. I'm not entirely certain at this point what route he's decided on. It's changed 3-4 times, and it look like he may try to take I-40. It's appearing more and more like "worried about the weather" is an excuse to go sight-seeing. Though in my time down south, he's going to be a little disappointed in I-40.

    Ah well, what can you do? Little brothers and their bull-headed adventures. :)

    I'll def let you know though, if he decides to go 70 across.
    Buttercup ·
    Hey CD,

    If he's not afraid of two smaller unruly dog's I can put him up in Littleton. I grew up in IL and have been stranded on 80 in a blizzard on my way back from visiting my parents. Not fun... Although, I do think he should be more concerned about driving through NE rather than CO.

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