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  • Texterra ·
    Hey Calirocks.. Hope I didn't turn you off by my request. I posted a pic of what I have currently on my X. Please let me know how much you want to sell your '05 Switch cubby for. Thanks again.
    Texterra ·
    I'm pretty sure you have the right one. I'm thinking that the '05 is different from the '11 model year. Can you post a pic to make sure?

    Thanks again.
    I've never been to Prarie city, but I'm down to go anywhere for a few hours. Lmk if you could ever go during the week.
    The biggest reason why in going with Engo is because it's got a lifetime warranty. Also, if you needed to pull an excess of 5-10 percent duty cycle, you're definitely doing something wrong lol.
    Epi what's up! I ad plan on going. And I agree with the radio issue. As far as the bumper thing, you're right, my problems ARE merely electrical. However, there is one more thing to consider, and that's if you plan on doing a BL anywhere in the future. NIETHER the ARB or Calmini rear have provisions for BL. So if you did one anyway, you would have a mere gap, which doesn't look good imo. You could also do fab work. Also the ARB doesn't have solid-state front recovery points points, which has only recently been addressed, here;
    Epi530 ·
    Hey man. After our last trip I wish I had a steel bumper. Are you going to sell yours and get another one? I would be interested in buying an ARB used. I know you said you didn't like it but it sound like electrical problems with the lights. Not sure why that is the fault of the bumper.
    Lee is planning another trip of 90 miles off road! Wow, that's too much for me I think. Are you going? I've got my children that weekend so I couldn't go if I wanted to. We really need to get our CB's working too since communicating would help us keep a faster pace so we don't have to slow down when we lose sight of each other. Also, sharing the route info, I have a gps so I could download the trip and I would know if I'm on the correct path.

    Have you been to prairie city? Seems like both Hollister Hills and Prairie City are about the same distance from you but I'm closer to Prairie City. Maybe we could meet up there for a day. I've been once before but part of it was closed because of a race.

    BTW, have you considered the Super Winch Tiger Shark?

    I looked up the Harbor Freight 9000k pound Badlands winch. I seen that the duty cycle is 5%. Someone complained about it so I looked up Warn winches and can not find their duty cycle! Maybe that's the norm? I saw one youtube video where a Badlands winch wasn't working well in the snow. Not sure what the problem was they just said its sucks. Everyone has something to say.
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