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  • capo9786 ·
    Hey I see you installed the IMS. I was wondering when you installed it if you felt any considerable gains???
    Surf and Snow ·
    I'm so sorry to hear of you passing on towards the Happy Hunting Grounds Boyd. I wish you the best on your journey and hope for the easiest acceptance with my condolences towards your friends and family. I donated some money towards your bench and truly hope you enjoy it. RIP friend!
    BOYD "flyfish3837" SCHLENKER ·
    i really like the octane wheels. mht has 6 on 4.5" option available. they come double drilled with 6 on 5" pattern aswell. you can use either the 4.5" or 5.25" backspacing. with 5.25" backspacing you will likely need a 3/8" spacer to clear the front brake caliper. with 4.5" backspacing everything is good and the stance is very nice/beefy with stock xterra control arms. with the titan swap i found the stance a little to wide. so i'm sticking with 5.25" backspacing to keep my width a touch narrower.
    wingsuit ·
    How did you like your fuel octanes? I noticed you recently posted new wheels. Did you have to get the tireshop you dealt with to drill out the new bolt pattern or is there an options from mht for the xterra bolt pattern?
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