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  • IssacHunter ·
    I would say the wheel bearing part is minimal. Essentially spacers act no differently than different offset AM wheels. To me either one is a nice thing to have as it can give you a little more stability when you're top heavy (particularly true in my case with the rtt). I like mine personally and have had them on for a year or so. Just need to be careful and retorque the spacers themselves periodically. Downside to them is you need rocks and mud thrown from your wheels down the side of your rig but different wheels will do this too.

    MrBoJangles_91 ·
    Hey Jim, Yeah I think you'll be able to tackle them both at the same time. The flip kit is something I have been meaning to do myself. You may be able to do it without disconnecting the rear shocks but thankfully if you would need to, it's a very simple job to unbolt them.

    AlbatrossCafe ·
    IMHO the ONLY reason to install a body lift is to help clear 35" and larger tires. It is unnecessary for 33" tires and below. BL does nothing for you except give you tire clearance and marginally (read: insignifcantly) better approach/departure angles. It also looks ugly/awkward to me.

    So my answer is "No". There are SO many things I would rather spend my money/time on. Tires, rock sliders, suspension, winch, and literally anything else before a BL.
    MrBoJangles_91 ·
    Hey Jim,

    It was a chop / weld job. Something that I don't know how to do. So I took it to a muffler shop and they installed it for me. LOVE the sound. If I were to do it again I would get the whole set up. Pipes and everything.

    Sliders are key!
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