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  • BlackbirdSR71 ·
    Hey Albatross Cafe,

    Yep - this seems like the almost universal answer. Not needed.

    I now suspect it's an aesthetic look, and would allow really big tires - but nothing that's going to add to some obstacle clearance height.
    BlackbirdSR71 ·

    Hope you are well.


    Would you install a 2" body lift on your Xterra before any other serious mod?

    Any logic or reasoning as to why/ why not ?


    Ssanders224 ·
    Thanks for the info.

    The add more frustration, Alcans customer service has proved to be horrible. They wouldn't even entertain the question that my springs weren't correct. Acutally, Bill has just stopped answering my emails all together this week. I never sent and angry, threatening, or offensive email at all. Just asking questions to try and figure this out. The replies have stopped. Awesome.

    As you know, pulling the springs off and sending them back isn't hardly even an option. That's a lot of extra time I don't have to devote to solving it, plus its my DD.

    I guess shackles are the only answer. Bummer.
    If these were $400 spring packs I wouldn't be NEARLY as frustrated, but I paid the huge premium for Alcans because they were supposed to be the best.
    Ssanders224 ·
    Hey man,

    Just wanted to pick your brain a little, because I know you went through a similar situation as mine with the Alcans.
    I'm pretty much sick right now that I spent that kind of money on springs and didn't get my 3" of lift. Alcan is NO help, "Bill" won't respond to emails, and even if he did, they offer no solution.

    Did you ever get ANY kind of resolution? Do you have any advice on getting it dealt with?
    I'm at the point where PRG shackles are sounding better and better, simply because I'm ready to get this over with and move on.

    However, like you, that doesn't solve the sagging issue. Bill told me VERBATIM when I ordered that the springs wouldn't start to sag until I got near the 400lb capacity I ordered. Well, that's not even close to correct. If I sit in the back (260lbs) it sags the rear almost a inch.

    Really sucks.
    Steve24 ·
    No matter what your truck came out beautiful in the mean time. Hopefully you get it rolling consistently soon.
    Celt ·
    Thanks on the "Stranded in Death Valley" thread likes. Unfortunately there is a group of "Richards" on this site that have gotten a little big for their britches over the years and think they know sumpthin about sumpthin which gets folks into a whole host of issues when applying their advice. In this case, I just plain got upset about Haynes publically throwing that guy down and posting his bio here who in all likelihood spent some of the worst days of his life as a result of a bad decision.
    tommyxterrra ·
    I have your mat. I am removing everything out of my X. So I have a full set but it would be cheaper just to ship the one. I paid $85 for the set. Whats your bet offer for the one. My Zip is 32092.

    Its black by the way.
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