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Originally Posted by Neo1130 View Post
I searched and didn't find one... Guess I didn't use the correct terms... Got a link?

And Justwork... How did that tow? I will be moving here on June 1st and will be getting the 6x12 uhaul trailer for our stuff...
It towed alright. I pulled it from Vancouver to Toronto. That's 2 mountain ranges, hours and hours and hours of prairies, hot curvy Ontario roads. The only issue I had was I loaded the trailer with the CofG to far aft, causing it to sway big time when I would hit about 55 mph. I was by myself, so unloading the trailer wasn't an option. I had loaded my winter tires for the other car last, and they're on rims so pretty heavy. The solution was to remove the tires and ratchet strap them to the roof rack - makes for amazing fuel economy

My X is a manual, didn't see 6th gear the entire time, unless it was a huge down hill - even then I would keep it in 5th or 4th to keep the brakes cool. 4th and 5th pulled fine, about 110KPH the entire drive.
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