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Originally Posted by X4dblduty View Post
I'll be removing my FSB soon. Another question related to travel since now freed up from the FSB removal. Is anyone running the SPC Radflo Eibach 600lb coilover kit WITH any added small spacer, like 1"? My coil bucket has been shaved, so no CBC worries, but what about CV bind at full droop?

Need just a bit more clearance. Thanks guys, again....

EDIT: Just talked to Greg at PRG since I got the Advanced kit from him. His recommendation since each truck is slightly different in susp tolerances plus these kits were made with safe allowances for longevity, is to measure:

a) jack up and remove front tire
b) remove lower shock bolt and let susp droop fully, make sure nothing is binding (coil bucket, FSB)
c) turn the axle MANUALLY until you feel the cv starting to bind, then come up 1/2", cv should be smooth again when turning the axle.
d) measure the shock mount on LCA to the shock bolt hole.
e) this measurement to give them the proper 'safe' spacer sizing to use. Per Greg he can make any spacer with this measurement.

Hope this helps. Don't just guess on what will work since each truck can be a little different.

Hey I'm also not responsible for any miscalculations here, measure yourself.
This is good advice. The traditional wisdom is that you can't eek more than 3" of lift out of these trucks without titan swapping. But I'm running nearly 3.5" with no CBC or binding. There are a lot of instances where there are some extreme variances in these trucks.
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